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Comment Re:"In Theory" (Score 1) 835

IIRC, We (the CSC) asked him to come give a talk. RMS and the FSF are not a corporation trying to woo you with lots of swag, nor, I suspect, do they have the budget to pretend to be. If you went to see RMS talk just to get neat swag, you were there for the wrong reason.

That's an ignorant comment; I was merely demonstrating in a light tone that the school has some connections and a legacy that would suggest more prevalent usage of linux outside of the MC. And inside it, too. P.s. Stickers aren't neat swag and no one knew beforehand there would be any kind of merchandising or swag at the talk, except perhaps the organizers in the CSC. Thanks for playing. P.s.s. lulz for suggesting stickers can woo people into changing computing paradigms

Comment "In Theory" (Score 1) 835

I go to the University of Waterloo, so you would figure that we are big on it. After all, not only does our Computer Science Club (CSC) host the largest linux download mirror in the country, we are known for computing ("MIT of the North" is one of our less savoury nicknames). Despite this, while we have some computer labs running unix based systems (some distro I don't remember with just a basic WM over it), the big thing is our Mac labs. We have rooms upon rooms of shiny Apple computers. Pretty much the entire CompSci department has converted to Mac as well (some profs have two of those 30" apple monitors in their offices. Two!). I mean, linux exists here, but c'mon. We (comp sci & math students) picked Richard Stallman up from the airport, brought him to our school and he gave us stickers. Like wtf.

Comment Make it beginner friendly (Score 5, Interesting) 231

Most of us experienced users know where to find good help and info so I think they should make primarily a site for beginners. It would include a broad overview, tutorials, howtos, information about distros and a lot of zealous pro-linux content to spread the love. is the obvious domain name for someone looking to learn about linux. Notice I say primarily for beginners and not totally. It should of course contain more detailed information.

Comment Improvement? (Score 1) 194

This is pretty neat. I believe it would be better to have something lighter than KDE, GDM or even LXDE. Maybe dwm, scrotwm or xmonad... something like that. From a practicality standpoint it would be more suited to the comparitively weaker hardware of a mobile device. Not that this seems very practical in the first place!

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