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Comment Re:Wow! (Score 2) 262

Do you mean that dialogue and not violence is a better way to solve problems?

It depends on the problem, right? Imagine you want to kill me, and I want to kill you. There's no way to solve that problem equitably. Now realize this is a problem that people in the real world face. Erdogan had a coup attempt against him, and Assad has half his country wanting to kill him. His solution is to kill them first, which thus far has been effective. Then of course ISIS just wants to kill nearly everyone. In fact, they believe it is the will of God, and he is on their side.

Dialogue is not always an option, and even when it is, sometimes lawsuits work better which carries the implied threat of violence (from the state).

Comment Re:This is a nice summary of our times. (Score 1) 366

It's older than that, mate, read history. "Barbaric" outsiders have been invading "civilized" areas for as long as cities have existed. And the 'civilized' folks have always talked about it in terms similar to yours, with nothing but disdain up until they are destroyed.

It's an old cycle.

Comment Re:And what about the other three? (Score 2) 366

What makes you think we care about his death? He's just as ephemeral as the rest of us.

But if you do care, one of the two Swedish victims was an 11-year-old girl on her way home from school. The other was a 31-year-old Belgian woman, visiting Stockholm as a tourist. The other Swedish victim isn't described in the article.

If you care about the perpetrator, since he is a human too, he is a 39-year-old Uzbek man. In 2014, he had applied for a residence permit in Sweden, but last summer the application was rejected and he faced expulsion. In February, police were instructed to carry out the deportation. But he had disappeared.

Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score 1) 726

Why do you think the problem is Uber? Why don't you blame ridiculously high rents? If you've ever taken action to 'keep property values up' then you are part of the problem. If you've ever opposed new apartment buildings in your town, then you are a huge part of the problem. If there were enough houses for everyone, then rent would go down and these drivers would be able to afford a place to live.

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