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Comment Re:Linux didn't made much sense for the consumer a (Score 1) 173

To be honest, I see Steam's streaming support as possible the best (only?) redeeming feature of SteamOS. Since it can only play a really small subset of the full Steam catalog, streaming's the best way to supplement the rest. But of course you still need a powerful enough PC somewhere else that can run the original game. A heck of a lot of console owners probably only have laptops and would be underpowered, since they focus their attention naturally on the console for gaming power. They won't have a chance of using Steam's streaming to supplement things. If SteamOS is going to be attempting to go against the consoles already in existence, it'll fail on that basis alone.

Comment Re:Describe PUSSYING OUT (Score 0) 173

Yeah you got me. I've never used a gaming laptop. Possibly due to the fact that they all seem to have aesthetics designed to appear cool to teenagers, but come off as a bit too try-hard. I'm sure there's some remaining features of them; I mean Alienware's been around for ages, some people must be buying their stuff. Perhaps not the smartest of folks, but we can't all be sensible with our money can we?

Comment Re:It's Valve we're speaking about (Score 1) 173

Oh yeah, we all have our dick moments, agree complete with that. Some people though are clearly out for a fight when you say something that they don't agree with. People have a habit of getting really personal over the most stupid things. People are willing to throw insults over a "best console" argument for goodness sake, as is Microsoft/Sony/generic-multinational-corp really need to be defended in such a manner.

It's a shame really. If I feel like a forum conversation is turning into a flame war I've got an approach where I'll just close the tab and walk away. Don't even continue the conversation - just leave it alone. Some people might see it as me having admitted defeat, but others will clearly see it as a defeat against having to deal with stubborn idiots than an actual defeat with my position.

Internet wars are simply not worth it in the slightly. You probably don't know the person you're getting into a fight with in real life, they're not personally known to you, so who the fuck cares? Will you be really pissed once you're old and grey that you didn't that little shit of a troll in his place years ago? Nope. My blood pressure doesn't need to be raised. :)

Comment Makes a lot of sense (Score 1) 173

When it comes to the games available on the Steam library, Windows plays everything and Linux plays a fraction. I know that things will get better for newer games, but for existing titles and particularly older games it's going to be an extremely small minority which get ported to Linux. People (gamers particularly) don't give a shit about the "holy war" between Microsoft/Windows and Linux - what is obvious is that Windows will run everything they want, with 100% support from developers and manufacturers of their hardware. Linux will not - it doesn't matter the reasons why, all that matters is that this is the state of things now and will remain so for a while. I mean, why else do people use computers in the first place? To define themselves via their choice of operating system, or to actually run the applications/games they want to run?

SteamOS via Linux has to provide some credible benefits to the user. Unless Valve develops something exclusive for SteamOS that you can't get on regular Windows Steam, then there is nothing that benefits the USER as opposed to Valve's benefit of not relying on Windows or buying Windows licenses for each SteamOS console.

Comment Re:Linux didn't made much sense for the consumer a (Score 1) 173

People don't have memories.

Nah, they do. The issue is that if you blacklist every company which treats its customers like shit or with contempt (particularly tech companies), very soon you'll find yourself unable to buy virtually anything anymore since most things will either be made from or contain major components from said companies. You hate Foxconn and how they treat their employees for example? Congrats! No more consoles for you, no more motherboards for you, no more laptops for you and to some extent no more smartphones for you (

We life in the real world where life is not black and white. I don't need a console or want a console anyway, but I do want to continue using computers and other technology. There are no alternatives to using tech from scummy companies, but you can at times have control over which scummy companies to deal with.

Comment Re:It's Valve we're speaking about (Score 1) 173

I used to admit fault on Internet forums because I was under the impression that being humble and admitting that you're wrong would be seen by other posters with respect. But no - people don't appreciate humility on the Internet because it's far more rewarding to "win" arguments by beating down those who oppose you in some way. You're right - ego does reight supreme, which is why I don't bother posting on forums much anymore and social media.

People simply don't appreciate humility. The internet is full of idiots and dickheads who don't have anything else in life but the Internet. Of course they have an ego.

Comment Re:Well then the SOLUTION is obvious (Score 1) 154

Sounds like you're proposing that we don't bother trying to develop more flexible and capable signs because what's existed for years is good enough (despite advances in technology). Sure, we can sit back and let things stagnate because it's "how we've always done it", but you're hardly going to find new and interesting ways to put a modern spin on old tech just by keeping things as they were.

Just because electronic signs have disadvantages does not mean that static signs don't have their own disadvantages.

Comment Re:Yes it does (Score 0) 134

A lot of people here know a hell of a lot about Linux but don't know much about Windows (or don't know as much as they think they know about Windows), hence there's a lot of misinformation about how things are done in Windows and what Windows is capable of these days. Often due to ignorance, but sometimes malicious - Linux zealots don't like it being pointed out that their system of choice can sometimes (sometimes!) be inferior to the most widely used and supported desktop/laptop OS on the planet.

Comment Re:This is so 1990s (Score 1) 132

(Visio if nothing else)

I don't want to be "that guy", but can LibreOffice Draw act as a reasonable substitute to Visio? Apart from the benefit of being a native app, it seems to load up Visio documents fine and has all the same functionality, at least from my own uses of it. If it's not suitable yet, are you trying to learn it at least so you can transition from Visio to Draw? I only ask because Wine is best used as a transition tool to help in the meantime while one learns to use equivalent native apps; relying on it long-erm is asking for trouble given its nature for regressions in each new version (among other problems).

In my experience, what keeps me off Linux is if I feel I need to use certain Windows-only tools. Given there's nothing in Linux that's Linux-only which I can't find an equivalent for in Windows, I end up staying with Windows because it supports everything including the edge cases, whereas Linux doesn't. I've been working towards cross-platform independence though for many years (even with games) for this very reason, so I guess I just humble recommend giving LO Draw another go if you haven't already. If you have and think it sucks, please disregard everything I've said. :)

Comment Re:Drugs can be bad mmkay! (Score 1) 164

Alexander Shulgin was a genius, and the way society is developing there will probably never be a man like him again.

Can you be more specific about that last bit? I know cynacism runs deep within the Slashdot community (a lot of it justified) but it's not as if we won't have geniuses in the future able to make contributions to the world. Maybe the US will have some problems but not everyone is bound to America's way of doing things (or being prevented from doing).

Comment Re:Captive? (Score 1) 185

Indeed. It's also not really realistic to change colleges mid-degree when new policies are implemented after you've made a thorough analysis of the policies that existed when you started.

But the world is full of cunts - the Internet just provides them a platform to say what they'd be too cowardly to say in the flesh.

Comment Re: people ruin everything (Score 5, Insightful) 475

Not only that, but the trolling poster also made the assumption that you're not important, which is bullshit for the simple reason that we're ALL important to the people who love and care about us. We're important to someone - I'm important to my wife for example, and soon I'll be important to my newborn. Just because I'm not a politician or celebrity and hence known to thousands/millions of people doesn't mean I'm not important. It's all about spheres of influence - some are larger than others, but they still all matter.

If the trolling poster honestly believes with such passion that you aren't important, it stands to reason they probably don't feel they are important either. If they can't find at least one person in their life who considers them important in some way... then I find that truly sad for the AC.

Comment Re:Got it with a new GFX card for free (Score 1) 123

I prefer to stay away on principle but its hard.

I really don't understand this. Gaming is a luxury item, it's just entertainment. I agree that entertainment is wonderful and we all need it to remain sane, and gaming is a great example of entertainment, but the other great thing about it is that there's just so MUCH of it available now. If you really don't like the company, couldn't you just have, I dunno, played something else made by someone else? It's not like you have options.

Shit, EA's just announced you can get Battlefield 3 for free (permanently) if you add it to your Origin account (or make a new account and then add it) before June 3. It's tempting, but given EA's shittastic behavior as a company it's not too hard to resist giving in. Plenty of other stuff to play.

If we just decide that it's all too hard to resist, there's no motive for companies to improve is there? You might argue that there's too gamers who don't care if EA uses babies as fuel to run their servers so long as the games are good, and hence EA wouldn't change despite your own reservations. Sure, that might be true. But at least you'd be consistent with your own personal value system.

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