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Comment Re:controversial law that allows landlords to ... (Score 1) 729

They don't stop renting it and decide to live in it; they take it off the rental market and turn it into an Airbnb "hotel" or wait a few months till the renters are long gone (not around to verify the owners moved in) and then put it back on the market at 3x the cost.

This is a common occurrence here in SF.

Comment Getting ready for a flight (Score 1) 320

I was in the Navy at the time and had just finished briefing for a late AM flight and was getting ready to go start the aircraft pre-flight checks when the news of the explosion came on the ready room TV.

I kept thinking, "at least it was quick." It was only later the world learned they didn't die instantaneously.

Submission + - Adblock Plus victorious again in court (businessinsider.com)

Xochil writes: Adblock Plus, which claims to be the most popular ad blocking tool, has been victorious again in court versus publishers who took out lawsuits against its owner company Eyeo demanding that users should not be allowed to legally block ads on their sites.

Comment Re:the phone issue is the most annoying (Score 1) 459

Texts conjure up the expectancy of immediate/near immediate response. All too often the question doesn't merit that. I would rather not have my cell phone be a conduit for what you think is important...but isn't.

Secondly, many of us prefer to reserve texting for friends/family/work urgencies...not for sundry office dialog. Email is my preferred method for work communications. If the situation is complex enough where an email dialog would take much longer than a voice conversation...then call.

Some people are just too lazy to write a coherent email and insist on poorly written unimportant texts. Non important texts get ignored. Repeat senders of non-urgent work texts get blocked.

Comment Re:Submarines (Score 1) 718

Until submarines stop emitting sounds in the water (to be picked up by sonobuoys) and have the ability to not reflect any sound when hit with an active sonar pulse...they are findable. Of course, finding them before they do their damage is the hard part.

Good luck with evading two (to leapfrog) ASW helos using active sonar once they have contact on you.

Comment Re:Not going away as part of a battle group (Score 1) 718

Sure it's possible. However, in a hostile situation there will definitely be friendly fast attack subs very very close by. Then there's the S-3 ASW squadron doing it's thing a 20-300 mile radius from the carrier, followed by the SH-60 ASW squadron handling the 0-20 mile radius.

A sub may still get through or close enough to fire surface to surface or sub-surface to surface missile or even close enough to launch a few torps...but she won't be able to just waltz in there.

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