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Comment Scientists today will never learn! (Score 0) 250

So your telling me that our planets and solor system is lol 13.8 billion years old!?ðYðYðYðY boy your stupid! Heck even Einstien if he was alive today, would've told you that as well! Because if our earth system and planets were this old we would've had no life as we speak! A nuclear fallout vast planet system! Not only that Einstien said the one who created our solar system etc was God! The Almighty one The Alpha & Thee Omega one! So your Big Bang Theory Is A Lie!ðY

Comment Re: Where were you?? (Score 0) 320

I was coming out of the Christian school in 1986, it was around 3:00 PM and as soon as I got home The Space Shud Challenger was taking off but within a few minutes it blew upðY±ðY" I don't think my generation will ever forget that ever happened, because it did ðY" It was a tragic day just like 9/11ðY'¦ðY"ðY(TM)ðYðY¥ Rest all in Heavenly peaceðYðY(TM)ðY

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