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Comment Changed Vision (Score 2) 425

Obviously his own viewpoint has changed since 1988 in his speech to congress or at least his viewpoint to his own work. If you have seen the behind the scenes of the new trilogy Rick McCallum is one of the major reasons he seems to be so insulated from bad decisions. I don't think he could criticize George if he tried. Also, seeing the American Zoetrope behind the scenes on THX 1138, he is now the exact villain that Francis Ford Coppola and he described as the old world studio that they dealt with in the 1970's. The fact that people can't watch the movies that they watched in 1977 in highest fidelity of today's technology is disturbing. It has to be more than money, more than ego, more than revision for him, I can't pinpoint why he wouldn't release them. Obviously, from outpouring of fans he will make money regardless.

Comment Re:What are the lawyers thinking? (Score 2, Insightful) 793

At least from what I gathered from the article is that basically the defense was incompetent, might as well pleaded out of court because the damages are absolutely ridiculous. I can say the defense was incompetent because they can't even convince a jury that 24 songs aren't worth less than 1.9 million. Although the jury makes me sad as well. Trials like this really scare me because the punishment doesn't even come close to the crime.

Comment Suprised? (Score 1) 326

As many missteps as each of the Big 3 Video game makers have had, I think knowing and developing new systems is something they are on top of. They are all real secretive on their R & D, so I am sure they are further enough along then the CEO Ubisoft knows. I think he overestimates OnLive role in video games, which will be minimal at best.

Comment Business model: FAIL (Score 2, Insightful) 223

After taking a step back from everything related to music, radio, magazines, and quality of artists, there isn't one thing that isn't failing, Radio isn't playing anything that isn't on their Clear Channel list and doesn't care to play anything extra. Rolling Stone, which is supposedly is a magazine that celebrates music, is failing miserably in content by falling to much on pop music when really good rock bands are out there, but can't get any airplay because the only thing that sells is pop music. Then we come to the artists, maybe I am getting older, but music, in all forms is truly horrible, at least accessible music. Rap and R & B has fell in love with the Cher, Believe voice autotune, Rock sounds like the instruments are played under water because it just plods along. Country even though I don't listen to it, turned into twang pop, and then my favorite is Pop itself, which seems to me can't get any blander, no matter how much sex and edge they try to put into it. I honestly think soon there will be something to make music better than it is right now, but I have know idea how that is possible, any suggestions?

Comment New Wii can't have N64 issues (Score 1) 582

The Nintendo 64 had same issues, third party developers couldn't port games to the N64 because of space limitations, now it may be graphical limitations and also space limitations that force those developers only on PS3 and XBOX360. The current Wii is obviously doing great with first party titles, but I really worry about the new Wii, it must be able to compete with at least the PS3 in hardware specs.

Comment Re:And yet (Score 2, Insightful) 287

Physics is an obscure skill?? I don't even like physics, but I understand the value of people that have degrees in Physics. Starting a business, any business is a difficult task, let alone a consulting business. The fact is some people are really good at doing what they do and aren't salesman and don't want to be. I applaud him/her for looking for work in their field because they feel that, that is their calling. Obviously it is probably crunch time with their unemployment running out soon, but why should they take a low skill, low pay job earlier in their unemployment when there are jobs out their just 10 times more people after them than usual.

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