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Comment Re:Android Patching (Score 1) 579

My Galaxy nexus was running cyanogenmod at 4.4(and had always been using chrome instead of the default browser) as soon as it was available. Given the way the smartphone market has been (most people upgrade their phones within 2/3 years. I knew when I got my Galaxy nexus that I couldn't expect any OS updates after 18 months. I do however see your point. Though there a lot of other phones that google releasing a patch for would do nothing.

Comment Android Patching (Score 3, Insightful) 579

I don't get how this can make the front page twice. This time TFS has nothing to do with the TFA, but neither are relevant. Google has already patched this, that is what 4.4 is. If you can't get 4.4 pushed to your phone then chances are you are not going to get another patch to this pushed to your phone. At that point the way Android patches are being pushed it is entirely out of googles hands...

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 1051

Who's responsible if your child has a bad reaction to the vaccine and dies or is permanently disabled?

Who's responsible if your child has a isn't vaccinated and gets: Diphtheria,Measles,Pertussis,pneumococcus,Polio,Tetanus, or Typhoid Fever and dies or is permanently disabled? Or better yet, Who's responsible if your child has a isn't vaccinated and gets: Diphtheria,Measles,Pertussis,pneumococcus,Polio,Tetanus, or Typhoid Fever and transmits it to a kid who or anyone who for medical reasons could get the vaccine and then they die or are permanently disabled? Being selfish is rarely good for society.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 545

Amazing just amazing. I work as a programmer in a Small town (55,000 people) in Canada. This is my second year out of college I am making 70k+ a year. Which is enough to pay for my family (we bought a house my first year on the job after college) and my wife can stay home with our now 2yr old son because we are living comfortably enough. I work a 37.5 hour week. I have to agree with tompaulco on this one.

Comment Re:Robots can't drill (Score 1) 69

If you're going to drill any decent depth you'll have to put together a manned mission with a bunch of roughneck drilling rig workers. They're the only ones that can operate drilling equipment. It can't possibly be taught to other astronauts, and most certainly not some dumb robot.

Never mind the facts... where Apollo astronauts operated drills during the lunar landing. Or where, on a daily basis, pretty much ordinary joe sixpacks drill (water) wells to much deeper depths. Or that we have drills in rock quarries and mines that drill holes to considerable depths with minimal human intervention. Etc... etc... Thus there is no a priori reason to assume that it can't be taught to a "dumb robot", especially one that can so easily be backed up by teleoperation from Earth.


Comment Re:Value (Score 1) 253

I personally put over 1000 hours into GW2 and have most classes at level 80(ranger and engi didn't make it quite) 1. I miss the GW1 customization. Also healing... I loved healing. I have to agree with Remus tha tit felt like it was a bait and switch partly because they made it seem like you could actively protect your teammates a lot more than you could. No collision detection between npcs or players really hurts a game in my mind. 2. Ascended gear. This takes WAAAAAAAY too long to grind for my liking. The stat increase isn't really even worth the grind. Especially when you need to do it for 5 level 80 characters that were there before they even released this surprise tier. 3. Healers, you can have healers without the holy trinity you just don't use traditional threat mechanics

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