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Comment Re:Quality was never the problem (Score 1) 565

the biggest issue with linux is driver support from the major hardware companies. in windows i can plug in any nvidia gpu and it will just work. it will have SLI multimonitor support, overclocking support etc. on linux, i can with a lot of effort turn on SLI, but i CANT turn on SLI AND have multi-monitors working because nvidia disabled that feature for everything other than the workstation cards. i also cant smoothly overclock through a gui like MSI afterburner.

Comment Re: Penny (Score 4, Insightful) 702

The reason we have the right to wield guns is not to defend ourselves against other people. It is to defend ourselves against the government. If only the government can have weapons, it quickly becomes impossible to fight for other rights being taken from you.

People say 'you don't need assault weapons to defend yourself', but in actuality, that is exactly what you need to defend yourself against the government.

Comment Re:Sue Blizzard (Score 2, Insightful) 130

most likely they took it as a way to implement security against the same sort of code in the future. it would be like the government forcing someone to give up their malware code as a part of a plea deal and then using it to create more security. i dont see anything wrong with this as long as they arent using the source code to do its intended purpose.

Comment not really fair (Score 2) 206

well, we wouldnt have to buy third party cables if google actually gave us cables with the products we buy. i got myself a nexus 5x when it came out. it came with 1 3 ft usb-c to usb-c cable and no adapter to normal usb. i couldnt even plug the damned thing into my computer until the cables i ordered off amazon got here.

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