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i try to have secure passwords for everything, but some of the things i have issues with are all of the changing requirements for each website, password length limits, etc. It is hard enough to come up with secure passwords that are different for every site that you can still remember. (usually involving some sort of algorithm that changes the password on a site-by-site basis but still is rememberable).

It is far more difficult to remember hundreds of passwords when 20 of them have a password character limit that is below 20, 20 of them have ridiculously long lists of requirements ranging from 'must be 8 characters or higher' to 'can not have any consecutive digits or consecutive characters' to even shit like ' can not use any special characters'

Comment Re:Quality was never the problem (Score 1) 565

the biggest issue with linux is driver support from the major hardware companies. in windows i can plug in any nvidia gpu and it will just work. it will have SLI multimonitor support, overclocking support etc. on linux, i can with a lot of effort turn on SLI, but i CANT turn on SLI AND have multi-monitors working because nvidia disabled that feature for everything other than the workstation cards. i also cant smoothly overclock through a gui like MSI afterburner.

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The reason we have the right to wield guns is not to defend ourselves against other people. It is to defend ourselves against the government. If only the government can have weapons, it quickly becomes impossible to fight for other rights being taken from you.

People say 'you don't need assault weapons to defend yourself', but in actuality, that is exactly what you need to defend yourself against the government.

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