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Submission + - Dual site agreed for Square Kilometre Array telescope (

Xhris writes: The SKA board has just announce it has decided to "split" the telescope between Australia/New Zealand and South Africa. The lower frequencies will be located in Australia and higher frequencies in South Africa. The skatelecope webserver seems to have crashed, but this is covered on other news sites such as

Submission + - Australian astronomers give a Euro view (

Xhris writes: Australian radio astronomers at the Australia Telescope National Facility, in collaboration with JIVE, AARNET and other National Research and Education Networks have demonstrated transferring raw data from three Australian radio telescopes to a supercomputer run by JIVE in the Netherlands for realtime processing. A dedicated 1 Gbps network connection from each telescope was setup from each telescope to JIVE and a 512 Mbps continuous stream of data sent to the data processor, on a journey of 25000 km. The source observed was SN1987A, a supernova remnant in the Magellanic clouds.

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