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Comment Annoying Popup On Linked Page (Score 1) 773

Perhaps I'm just not running the right Firefox plugin (AdBlock, FlashBlock, etc.), but that in-your-face popup ad for a service I will actively avoid in retaliation for the ad itself is quite annoying. Does anyone know how to kill this thing?

As for the article, what does MC have against MS? I don't like MS, but I'm sure they'd have to do something to me personally before I'd be willing to spend $1 billion to prove it.



Submission + - Seagate Class Action Lawsuit Legit? 1

Xesdeeni writes: I received an e-mail version of this letter, informing me that

If you purchased a Seagate brand hard disc drive between March 22, 2001 and September 26, 2007, a proposed class action settlement may affect you....
But in my current state of heightened paranoia, it occurred to me that this could be an elaborate ruse to verify e-mail addresses for SPAM. I don't believe I've ever registered a hard drive, although it's possible that they used an e-mail address obtained from a mail-in rebate (which I definitely did submit).

The e-mail itself contained the links, but the actual URL was "" instead. I was under the impression that a link not matching the URL was a red flag.

Too paranoid?

Submission + - Asked to install Pirated Software, what do you do?

An anonymous reader writes: I am an IT professional, and due to budget constraints, I have been told to install multiple copies of MS Office, despite offering to install OpenOffice, and other OpenSource Office products. Even though most of the uses are for people using Excel like a database, or formatting of text in cells, other programs are not tolerated. I have been over ruled by our controller, to my disagreement. Other than drafting a letter to the owners of the company on how I disagree with the policy, what else can I do? I would never turn them in, but I am in tough place by knowing doing something illegal. I want to keep my job, but disagree with some of the decision making on this issue.

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