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Comment Re:Prove Otherwise Please (Score 1) 1774

I would be okay with that, Wht i have an issue with is it is stated as FACT in schools and not explained as an idea and POSSIBLE explanation of macro evolution. There are many holes in the evolutionary theory and more are found and ignored than found and explained, Take for example that the rocks date the fossils and the fossils date the rocks. Also, I'm horrible at analogies, gimme a break. (Also, I'm a creationist, however I'm not a young earth creationist, I think we were put here to figure out the workings of the universe...what was that Ecclesiastes 3:11 iirc? "He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end." Ever wonder why we always look to the sky when we think hard and deep? Now you know. I'm also a firm believer in if God put us here, who's to say he didn't put others out there like us? Aweful big universe just for us to have all to ourselves eh? I'd lol if ET came to visit and asked us as a planet if we knew Jesus christ as our personal lord and savior...I would absolutely DIE laughing...Would atheists and evolutionists dare to speak out against it then?

Comment Re:Prove Otherwise Please (Score 0) 1774

Hey, by your reasoning I could build an engine without the crank because i didn't know what it was for and it would still run....try again. I say we teach both and let the children make informed decisions on it later as to what they believe. Evolution is to sporadic for me to accept it as anything more than a funny Idea, to me it equates to putting all the ingredients for spaghetti into a bag and shaking it around, plating it, and saying "look spaghetti!" without cooking it. You cannot make something without first knowing all of the ingredients. I Personally like Tesla's stance on the issue...

Comment ooOOOOoo Shiny (Score 1) 738

Well maybe if Macintosh would make a good product and not just a turd in a shiny white case their profits would go up, I've yet to see an apple product beat its android powered equivalent in functionality or usability. If I Mod my android OS I still get to keep my warranty, if i so much as hit a settings button wrong on the Iphone I get hit with copyright infringement and to top it all off my phone bricks. Nope, I prefer a device i can do more than one or two things on, after all, once i pay for it its mine to use as i see fit.

Comment Re:Does this also include (Score 1) 295

My personal favorite, the "electric supercharger" for your car(I'm an ASE certified parts specialist, the sheer stupidity of people buying this product is laughable, even more-so the fact that people tell me their car is supercharged and i open the hood to see a little computer fan in their air intake). So why have those not been taken offline yet? I'm not against a company doing what it does but if your going to be anal about one thing be anal about ALL of it.

Comment Keep trying (Score 1) 1226

Wow, sure is atheist in here...... I openly encourage you to disprove creationism then. I'll STILL be waiting in 50 years for someone to be able to do it. Before you ask, No I'm not a young earth creationist, I AM however a believer in intelligent design, the universe is far to ordered in its chaos to be a product of "Just the right amount of X and Y at the exact point in time" Random chance? Really? HAH

Comment Let the chirrens decide for themselves (Score 1) 672

hmmm....good and bad all at once, good on the fact that they would teach all the points pertaining to both ID and Evolution and letting the kids decide for themselves which is the one they believe more. Bad because I'm sure some idiot is going to abuse this law(50/50 split it will either be a hardcore atheist or a hardcore Christian) Funny thats how it used to be....when did history and science become editorials?

Comment Re:So? (Score 0) 691

As a self proclaimed expert in the field of economics, could you please post some of your credentials? But seriously, We DON'T know what it would do to the economy, its a fickle beast, and I would much rather NOT have to pay an extra 5 dollars at the gallon because The current numb-nuts in charge of our country want to sit in a chair and discuss "why did this happen what caused it", From what i can tell, and I'm no expert, the rig ignited, melted its supporting structure, fell down thousands of feet and crunched the line, and until we figure out how to make a rig thats invulnerable to a large thermonuclear warhead, I don't think we WILL know what to do. A good way to fix it? Remove all the bureaucrats, and let the engineers do what they do best,Fix the thing. In two more weeks the relief well drills will reach the point where they can permanently close it off(one is less than 3000 ft from hitting its intersect point, it takes about 10-12 days to spin that far, but don't take my word for it, its on BP's website), and i trust these engineers more than i trust any man/woman in Obama's administration. But this whole thing is about the same as Me not driving my other cars because one of them blew a pan gasket, and I'm afraid that because one blew they all will. Keep drilling, Sure, do a better check over the ones still running before you leave your house, but Business as usual. And before you say "OMG you don know anything about living in teh gulfs" LIKE HELL, I worked a shrimper in new orleans for 3 years, I know how much this is hurting businesses down there, the company I used to work for down there has packed up their boats with oil retrieval equipment and helped out with the leak as much as they can, BP is paying them for lost wages AND is also paying them 300 a day per person to do this, they know they made a mess down there and are doing everything they can to fix it, One bad apple doesn't mean the whole bushel is the same(unless your a politician). So remove The entire obama admin from it, all they are doing is putting undue stress on already tight wound engineers. To the engineers of the BP oil containment teams, fellow shrimpers of the gulf coast, and all who are trying to make the best of a bad situation, I Tip my rum to you. Cheers

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