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Hardware Hacking

Submission + - USB daisy-chaining

simplypeachy writes: According to the Wikipedia entry:

A USB system has an asymmetric design, consisting of a host controller and multiple daisy-chained peripheral devices. Additional USB hubs may be included in the chain, allowing branching into a tree structure, subject to a limit of 5 levels of branching per controller. No more than 127 devices, including the bus devices, may be connected to a single host controller.
There are all sorts of crazy hardware hackers out there. I had a look around and couldn't find anyone who has tried this before — surely someone has!

Submission + - Engineer Discovers 'Thermal Noise' Encryption (

techitout writes: "PC World ran an article that Laszlo Kish of Texas A&M University devised a way to encrypt messages using the natural noise caused by electrons flowing along a wire. When data is sent intermittently (using a $100 device), it can be camouflaged by this 'thermal noise.' To snoopers eavesdropping on the line, it just appears that the thermal noise level varies randomly. It has an edge over another proposed encryption solution, quantum key distribution (QKD) technology, with a lower cost, a 99.98 percent message reception accuracy, and 2,000 km delivery distance."

Submission + - the slashdot flowchart (

erle writes: "This "flowchart" on slashdot was just too cool to pass over. Obviously a frequent reader, since they 'understand' the coolness (oops did I give too much away?). Im sure that all slashdot'ers have a great sense of humour. I came across this site, not sure if anyone has seen it yet, but whoever has done this, sure has one, and a great one. Hope you all enjoy it . (I sure hope my boss does not read this one)"
The Media

Submission + - Al Gore talks about his book, confesses to read /.

An anonymous reader writes: Al Gore has come out with his new Book — The Assault on Reason, and has generated quite a media buzz. Everybody asking is he going to run for president, and one of the more interesting interviews is available at Politico — where he confesses to be occasionally reading Slashdot.

"[Mr. Gore] has a Google news page and regularly reads about two dozen sites that range from traditional outlets like USA Today as well as new media venues like, a technology site, and Huffington Post."

Al is also voicing himself in the upcoming Futurama movie.

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