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Comment Re:Please. Someone tell me. What is the point (Score 1) 156

WiFi isn't just for Internet, you know. I have multiple computers in different rooms at my house. My options were to drill holes, run, cut & crimp Cat6, buy some Gigabit switches, etc - or use WiFi. I went with WiFi at first. 54 Mbps IS plenty for Internet. But then I started copying games, ISOs/software, and multi-gig movies from one system to another. I started copying my movie library from my main system to a system by my TV. Suddenly, it became PAINFULLY obvious that WiFi would NOT cut it. Even when I tried to stream HD content from one system to another, it started to get choppy. I ended up drilling holes, running cable, etc. 1,000 Mbps is a lot better. That is still the weakest link between the systems. I get 30-60 MB/s that way, when I know I could be transferring 70-110 MB/s with my hard drives. If it was WiFi, a 2+ Gbps connection would be ideal. If it was stable, and it reached all rooms at my house (some are 2-3 rooms away from my current AP). Until I can get that, wired Gigabit is the way to go.

Comment Well, it worked for me. (Score 1) 376

I went out and bought a PS3 and the Blu-ray version of Avatar. I popped the disc in and watched it in beautiful 1920x1080p on a 55" HDTV with 120Hz Smooth Motion. The picture was amazing, and I enjoyed the movie. I had already seen it twice in theaters, and seeing it at home in such amazing detail was just as entertaining. The DRM issue means nothing to me. One of the deciding factors of getting a PS3 was its Blu-ray capability (something I actually didn't care about in the past). Plus the Blu-Ray package came with a "free" DVD copy of the movie that I can easily copy, rip, convert, and use any way I feel like. What I do notice is the "Avatar sucks" bandwagon. It got great reviews, and people saw it again and again. It was wildly popular even without the 3D going for it. It looked amazing and was very entertaining. 8.4 on IMDB, 82% on RT (and 94% with "Top Critics"), plus the movie is getting close to the 3 BILLION mark. It obviously did not suck. It doesn't make you "cool" to say it sucks, it just makes you a minority.

Comment Brilliant (Score 1) 266

The ability to play PlayStation 2 games without requiring me to have a totally other system hooked up as well was a big selling point of the PS3. Having a "Blu-Ray" player that can't play all the HD-DVDs I want is *NOT* a selling point for me. Having the un-wanted Blu-Ray player made the cost go way up. To battle this cost, Sony tripped up, shot itself in its foot over and over, and then decided the best thing to do was drop backwards compatibility - despite statements in the past stressing the price of the PS3 was fine, and that backwards compatibility was a GOOD thing.

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