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Comment Re: My wife was out there the other night (Score 1) 64

Technically correct, it was identified as a sudden "strange" smell as there are other gasses in those pockets, thankfully it was enough of a tip off. She's asked permission (because it was taken in a restricted area) to let me post her videos to YouTube, we actually have some of this on (dark) cell phone video. Quite cool, and very dangerous!

Comment My wife was out there the other night (Score 2) 64

My wife was out there Saturday night as a county volunteer with a pass to go into the restricted area. Her group walked right up to the flow on Ala'lli next to the transfer station (she's got some amazing videos on her phone, I'll ask her to upload them to Youtube later).

She was the first to smell a sudden burst of methane, mentioning it the leader of the group, he shouted "we need to get out of here, now!" An explosion followed mere seconds after they has cleared.

I cannot tell you how shaken I was to hear that story when she got home.

Comment The Official RPG (Score 2, Informative) 183

No links to the offical RPG? Is this Slashdot or what?! It's Good Stuff(tm). It's almost brand-new too. I wonder if Green Ronin knew that other license talks were underway, because once we get videogames and miniseries, the value of that license is going to shoot through the roof.

Submission + - JJ Abrams Find his James T. Kirk (

Anonymous Coward writes: "After months of speculation, industry chatter is indicating that JJ Abrams has found a front runner for his new James T. Kirk. We have been hearing his name for weeks but in the last couple of days the rumor has picked up steam with tips from several inside sources. The IESB has been told that 28-year-old Pennsylvania native Mike Vogel (Poseidon, Texas Chainsaw Massacre) is the front runner to play James T. Kirk in the 11th Star Trek film."

Comment Re:MP3 sounds bad to my ears (Score 1) 437

Aside from a few "killer samples" that are specificly known to reveal weaknesses in the MP3 format, I agree you'd be very hard pressed to tell the difference between that and lossless.

But when I transcode to a 96k AAC for my portable (my desired format for bitrate/space) from that 256k MP3, it sounds worse than a file transcoded from a lossless source. No, I don't have ABX data to back this up, but it's a very reasonable assumption given previous test results.

A FLAC or other lossless file gives you the ability to transcode the music into YOUR format/bitrate of choice without additional artifacts being introduced, and this is a real plus to those of us with low capacity audio players.

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