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Journal Journal: The return of Geeks in Space!

SlashNET, #everything

Thursday 9th May 2002
PM, Australian EST.

[10:12] <kmcwork> hemos: I'm just excited about the potential return of Geeks in Space!
[10:12] <hemos> kmcwork: So, would you watch a GIS-style TV show?
[10:13] <kmcwork> hemos: yeah! As long as it's not up against Enterprise or Junkyard Wars!
[10:13] <hemos> kmcwork: GIS will probably return in about eight weeks or so.
[10:14] <kmcwork> hemos: cool. Pater gonna make it?
[10:14] <hemos> We just all have to get CowboyNeal_ to make the move sooner, rather then later.
[10:14] <hemos> So, everyone ride him like a pony to move.
[10:14] <hemos> Because when he moves, then samzenpus/robnotrob will move as well.
[10:14] <kmcwork> I've ridden CowboyNeal like a pony before. I'd gladly do it again.
[10:14] <hemos> My favorite part is when he takes the bit.
[10:15] <kmcwork> but getting him in the corset was a bitch
[10:16] <hemos> Oh, yeah. Especially the whale bone ones.
[10:16] <jethro_bodine> to where are you moving, hemos?
[10:16] <kmcwork> Geek Compound 2?
[10:17] <hemos> I'm moving to Ann Arbor.
[10:17] <hemos> Kinda Geek Compound 2.
[10:17] <hemos> But we'll probably live in about a four mile radius of the office.
[10:17] <jethro_bodine> nice
[10:17] <hemos> I'm gonna be a few miles away from Malda, and I think CowboyNeal_ , robnotrob, and nate will live within a few miles of there.
[10:17] <hemos> Got the new office setup in town already.
[10:18] <Xenex> <hemos> kmcwork: GIS will probably return in about eight weeks or so. -- Can I make that my new .sig?
[10:18] <hemos> Xenex: Go for it.

So yeah. Geeks in Space! Hurrah!

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