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Comment Re:As someone with a masters in this -exact field- (Score 1) 271

"If you are a true master, you should be able to explain concepts in a way that even a child can understand. "

This isn't needed to be a master in a field and it isn't necessary unless you're speaking to novices or people outside the field. Sagan, Hawking or Feynman are good examples of this. Einstein was a real aberration, where even some of his papers were written with disarming clarity.

For Trump, I think you're mixing this up with the Dunning Kruger effect, where a person's inability to understand what's going on around them makes them think they have a better understanding than the experts.

Comment Beer? (Score 2) 171

BSD is free like the Grimm fairytales.

Sometimes you're shared the stories and you're allowed to reshare them, e.g. from Gutenberg. Sometimes you're not. E.g. from Disney.

BSD gives you the freedom to take it, modify it, distribute it and not allow the recipient the same benefit.

"Free as in beer" doesn't imply the knowledge nor right to start a brewery and produce your own. It's ridiculous to say Linux is free as in beer.

Comment 3D is not what anyone was ever looking for... (Score 1) 397

3D is not a feature. It's an attempted implementation of a feature.

The feature that people want is 'lifelike' video or immersive video.

To get that at home, I do see two potential technologist that are making headway. 4K TVs (for the color gamut, not the screen resolution) and virtual reality glasses.

Comment I'm seeing more of this lately... (Score 2) 252

At the hospital I work at, I've noticed that a lot more people are watching pirated content. It's no where near the 32% mentioned in the summary, but certainly a much larger percentage than 5 years ago. I basically find out as we discuss various old movies and give each other suggestions on what to watch.

The interesting thing is how these people are getting the movies. It seems that they're getting 'hot boxes', which are apparently copies of Kodi with a set of streaming plugins to pirate sites. These guys (and girls) are not particularly tech-oriented. All they know is that the movies are streamed from pirate websites.

How these people don't get caught is beyond me. But none of them are concerned with the legality of it.

Comment Dear Apple (Score 2) 130

Dear Apple,

How about making products your customers actually want? Like a MacBook Pro that's actually a pro-level computer. Or, a "Cheesegrater" Mac Pro with Thunderbolt and USB 3/3.1?

See, here's the deal: no one wanted the trash-can Mac Pro. We wanted the existing model with the I/O capabilities you put in your home-user machines. But, it's too late. You've lost us. We're tired of paying premium prices for last-years already outdated technology.

And you guys are really missing the bus with your lack of VR-compatible hardware. Sure, VR might be a flash in the pan, but isn't the fact that you make NOTHING with the CPU/GPU power to support it worrying?

RatBastard, a former Mac customer.

Comment Re:Marketing to the Cult (Score 4, Informative) 168

"True, it's the only smartphone on which you can't install an application unless approved by the phone manufacturer. Nobody had that idea before."

Other phones at the time didn't let you install an application, updates, ringtones or anything unless approved by the TELCO.

So yep, opening it up to the manufacturer to sell you apps was a huge move forward. It meant strong-arming the telcos with overwhelming demand else they wouldn't carry Apple's new little product.

Comment I think they are forgetting the obvious use here (Score 1) 73

If you're going to use magnets, do them right.

Magnetize both airpods and let them attract to each other through the skull. That'll keep them in place.

Bonus points if they use electromagnets that only activate once the devices are both in the ear canal (temperature-based?). Of course, this means that they may decouple once the user dies. I'm sure marketing can spin that in a good way.

Comment If you want to know when adulthood really starts (Score 5, Insightful) 261

ask the car insurance companies: above a certain age - way above 18 usually - their rates suddenly drop dramatically. The insurance companies don't make that age up: it comes from their accidents statistics.

It's pretty clear certain age groups get more into accidents than others: it's because they're not really mature enough to be good drivers, even after years of driving experience. Nothing reveals immaturity in a person more than their way of behaving on the road.

I'm saying this as a general rule of course: clearly there are good young drivers and incompetent old timers. But for the population in general, the insurance statistics don't lie.

Comment Today's Christmas *is* corporate bullshit (Score 4, Insightful) 103

The Christmas we knows today - with the garish fat man dressed in red and gaudy lights that waste gigawatt hours of energy for nothing every year - is a pure invention of the Coca Cola company, designed solely to sell Coca Cola products. Also, the contemporary Christmas "spirit", based on ultra-consumerism and overeating, that start at least a month before the actual fucking Christmas Eve, is nothing but a massive effort by companies to brainwash people into buying tons of shit without realizing they're being manipulated into consuming. When was the last time Christmas was a strictly christian celebration, with Christians going to church to pray for a whole day and night, while the Jews, Muslims and all the others went about their business as usual on December 24?

So no, Google didn't steal the Christmas spirit: they *are* the Christmas spirit. They're pushing their products, like everybody else

Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 1) 470

The assertion of em drive is not based on theory, but alleged observation.

Conflicting measurements are evidence of experimental error. China's trying a new experiment, hopefully their measurements agree with some others. I think we both expect the outcome to be "no thrust".

It looks like a fun experiment. Not sure why they feel it's worth investigating, but maybe it's related to another project and not a high cost item for them.

If it works, you can propose your unicorn attractor constant.

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