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Comment Re:Turing Mario (Score 1) 114

Last year I took a graduate class on evolutionary neural networks. For the final project, a friend and I created a controller for this Infinite Mario competition. I started off knowing that it would not be as "good" at beating the levels as the previous year's winner, which used A* to calculate the absolute best path through each level. However, I decided that I wanted to create a controller that could perform well, but still act like it was a real person controlling it.

We used the NEAT algorithm to evolve a neural network that acted as the controller, and built sensors which detected certain on screen objects, as well as the character's current state, to act as the input to the network. (We also used Luigi, instead of Mario, as he is far superior).

In the end, we were able to evolve controllers that did very well, but didn't look too natural, because they usually favored jumping a lot, even when not needed. We were, however, also able to evolve some controllers that performed more natural, and interesting actions, such as intentionally killing enemies, hitting blocks, and going back for powerups. While these types of controllers may not have done as well in completing levels, they were more like what we were going for. Here is a link to the video showing our more interesting results:

Evolved Luigi Controller - Infinite Mario AI

Note that all the different colored lines represent the sensors we implemented. This is all that Luigi is actually "seeing". His sensors include rangefinders for obstacles, enemies, blocks, powerups, and special sensors for pits.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 1271

I love the whole "hormonal/glandular problem" argument. If there were such a "problem" that caused people to produce fat without that person actually overeating, then the world's energy problem would be solved. We just get all the people who have these magic glands and have them produce fat cells from thin air. There are already engines that run off of grease/fat, so it shouldn't be too hard to switch to human fat as our main fuel source.

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