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Comment Re:Double-standard (Score 1) 341

Um, it IS a story. You're reading it on Slashdot. Actually its been all over my internet today. I've read it on Facebook, on Reddit, and god knows where else.

The reason it SHOUDLNT be a story because Apple didn't do anything. Do you honestly believe iTunes forcefully deletes local files off of every Apple user's hard drive? And it hasn't been talked about until just now? Apples terms of use and documentation explicitly state no files will be deleted. Ive set up iTunes, Apple Music, iCloud and iTunes Match (because the original blogger clearly doesn't understand they are different services, Im covering all of my bases here) countless times on countless devices. And Ive known countless people who have, as well. This has never happened to them. This is a case of user error and nothing more.

Comment Re:It has been awhile (Score 1) 542

Agree to pretty much all of this, but you and so many other posters keep comparing apples to oranges, no pun intended. The mac Pro was NEVER intended to be racked, or to run games, or RAID, or anything else people are shitting on it for. The Mac pro was designed to do basically one thing well: to fly when running Final Cut Pro. The flagshship NLE that, ironically, Apple's own software team bungled the launch of so horrendously it alienated their entire user base and drove people away from.

Comment You Seem To Think... (Score 1) 352

...that this giant screen will be streaming the very best, most informative lessons available, from subject experts around the world. While I see it streaming whatever commercially-laden content can be produced by the lowest bidder, or whichever church has the largest voter turnout in the school board elections, or whatever company has a CEO that golfs with the secretary of education.

Comment Re:Training, not college (Score 1) 85

Unfortunately, people who go to for-profit colleges end up as middle managers, HR admins and hiring agents. You know, the people who read your resumes and discard them if they don't have those credentials. Its all about the certificate, just completely skip over anything like real world experience, imagination, innovation, ability to improvise, people skills, etc etc etc.

Comment Apple, it Just Works for me. (Score 1) 287

I used to have a rack, servers, all that; it was overkill but learning it was my hobby. But then I learned it, and it became a PITA to babysit all of it. These days I have kids, and my main need is streaming Pixar movies to the living room, music to the kitchen, TV shows to the bedrooms, Rocky to my iPad when I'm on the treadmill... and I wanted something that just works. And for me, that's Apple and iTunes for now.

So its a 27" iMac running iTunes, with a 3TB internal drive to store everything, A cheap WD drive as a backup, another SSD I back up to and take to work with me, and Im looking into a cloud backup. After having a series of expensive drives and RAIDs and Drobos that seemed to go belly up just as often as the cheap drives, I realized that quantity>quality when it comes to backups.

An Airport Extreme with 802.11ac gives me the bandwidth, and two Airport Expresses strategically placed in the bedroom and kitchen can stream music and boost my signal. Security isn't a bit concern for me right now; my work and private data stays on my encrypted laptop, if anyone broke into my iMac they'd only be able to steal a copy of WoW and a bunch of movies and AACs I totally didn't steal in the first place.

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