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Google Readying To Pull Out of China 343

Sagelinka writes "Both Google and the Chinese government appear to be leaking word that the search firm may soon shutter its operations there as negotiations between the two break down. Google first threatened to halt its operations in China after disclosing in January that an attack on its network from inside China was aimed at exposing the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists. At the time, Google also said it was reconsidering its willingness to censor search results of users in China as required by the government. 'I think Google thought China would be flexible,' said Rob Enderle, an analyst with the Enderle Group. Google has since been negotiating with the Chinese government to find a way to continue operating in the country. Google did not respond today to requests for comment on the state of the negotiations with China."

Comment Re:Slavery = Stupidity ? How un-multicultural of y (Score 1) 457

The Hindu caste system []. This system exists and is operational in many parts of india.

The article lead states:

Although generally identified with Hinduism, the caste system was also observed among followers of other religions in the Indian subcontinent, including some groups of Muslims and Christians

There is also another article:

SO nice bit of selective obscurantism there. Also see "Curse of Ham"

Comment Re:One Resource (Score 1) 451

In the 9th century, 500 years before Europeans started arguing whether the world was round, Al-Battani and his ilk calculated the circumference of the Earth at 40,253km. Correct to within 200km!

Eratosthenes' measurement was more accurate, was several centuries prior to al-Batani's, and was also made in the Middle East (by riding on horseback from Aswan to Alexandria in Egypt during the summer solstice, actually).

Comment Re:One Resource (Score 1) 451

Al-Jabr [] is the Arab mathematician who discovered (or invented, whichever way you lean on that topic) algebra. It is still named after him.

His name wasn't "Al-Jabr". His name was al-Khwarzim (as in "the guy from Khwarzim, the Persian kingdom that Chengiz Khan pwned some decades later)

Al'Jabr is from the title of his book (al-Kitaab fi Hisaab al-jabr wa'l Muqabla).

Al-Khwarzim may have written the Hisaab-Kitaab for algebra, but Aryabhata in India had discovered many of those results long before Al-Khwarzim had.


Hey, history gets written by those on top at any point, which at the time were the Arab imperialists who stole India's numeral system and called it "Arabic".

Comment Re:Islam, eh? (Score 1) 469

At this moment they *might* be savage, but the lovely christians killed off other peoples (yes, peoples) by the thousands, and some are still doing so today, under the banner of religion.

Compared to the hundreds of millions that the Muslims have butchered over the centuries in Africa, Afghanistan, India, Indonesia?

The Hindu's despise a large chunk of their own people and use them as serfs for the sake of their religion.

Not as a matter of state law. One of those "serfs" was India's president.

The "orthodox" jews in Israel make it a sport to starve out an entire people because their religion tells them it's their chunk of land.

Most of Israel is not orthodox, or religious for that matter. Israel has open gay bars, and is the only middle eastern country with full LGBT rights. These guys sound "orthodox" to you? The primary conflicts there are nationalistic, with religion playing only a periphereal role.

You Americans have some bizarre orientalist ideas that everything in Asia is motivated by religion. Simply not true.

The animist people who listen to shamans in black Africa are hunting down and chopping apart albino blacks because they are thought to have magical properties.

Sucks to be them, for sure. Still, the death toll is hardly in the millions there. Compare with the 1971 Bangladesh genocide by Muslims (3 million dead for that one alone).

In conclusion, religion is just plain and simple evil disguised in a robe with a funny hat (why do they all need funny hats to make their statement??)

Fair enough. However, you make the classic fallacy of moral equivalence here. All religions are indeed bad but they are not equally bad. Some are worse than others.

Comment Re:Sharia Courts nothing to worry about. (Score 1) 469

You are missing the point. The Arbitration Act only allows Sharia courts, Jewish courts, or some form of secular arbitration, to apply if both parties agree to it. If you are a non-muslim and you consent to have your case judged according to Sharia law then you get what you deserve for crass stupidity.

You're not seeing the bigger picture. This whole voluntary Sharia Law thing is just a wedge to be used to muscle in more Sharia law, eventually culminating in an ever-expanding Islamic ghetto in the UK where Islamic law abrogates British law. It has happened countless times in other countries and at other times.

People who immigrate to other countries should conform to the laws of that country, not bring their backward cultural and religious baggage with them. It's just the rank arrogance of the Islamic leadership and aggressive collectivist ethnocentrism of the Muslim world that makes them do this.

Try being an immigrant in the UAE and claiming that you want to follow secular laws instead of their Islamic Sharia+Feudal monarchy and your hand will be cut off.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 469

Jamiat Islami

BTW are these guys still around? I read somewhere that they split up. Is the larger Islamofascist Jamaat-e-Islami in Pakistan supporting them with expat funds? I haven't been following Afghanistan much these last few months (too busy with Pakistan, where the Taliban seem to have moved and set up shop), but I do remember that the Afghan-Tajik tailor in my old neighbourhood loved to diss the Jamiat-Islami some years back. They kidnapped his son and forcibly recruited him into their rural death squads (killing people they thought were Soviet Collaborators etc.).

Comment Re:Sharia Courts nothing to worry about. (Score 1) 469

Not as bad as it sounds as you can see other religions can also pass judgements upon small non-criminal sectors of the law meanwhile all criminal matters are reserved for the UK's state courts.

Not the same thing. While Jewish law and Islamic law may have some nominal similarities, the main difference is that Jewish law only applies to Jews, not gentiles, whereas Islamic Sharia Law is a strategy created specifically to oppress non-Muslims in Islamic land quite brutally.

Issues with Jewish courts are best left within the Jewish community for the orthodox and reformist Jews to hash out. It doesn't affect any of the rest of us per se.


UK To Train Pro-West Islamic Groups To Game Google 469

Hugh Pickens writes "The British government's Office of Security and Counter-Terrorism (OSCT), a 200-strong Home Office unit created 18 months ago, has said in meetings it wants to 'flood the internet' with 'positive' interpretations of Islam and plans to train government-approved groups in search engine optimization techniques, which it is hoped will boost their profile online and battle radicalization. A Home Office spokesman confirmed search engine optimization training is part of the government's anti-radicalization strategy. 'In order to support mainstream voices, we work with local partners to help develop their communication, representational and leadership skills. This support could include media training, which can help make their voices heard more widely, and support the development of skills which allow communities to be more effective in debate.' However the effectiveness of search engine optimization in reducing traffic to extremist websites has been dismissed by academics. A report produced by the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR) said young Muslims were much more likely to be directed to extremist material online by web forums and offline associates than by Google or other search engines. 'Tweaking the results for supposedly extremist terms would be largely ineffectual, not least because it is unlikely that any but the most callow wannabe terrorist would use a mainstream search engine to find banned material.'"

Comment Re:Great! (Score 1, Offtopic) 770

This is how you bring human rights to China

Extremely unlikely. Most of the Chinese students at my University are ferociously ethnocentric about their government, and immunize it from criticism using some pretty nasty hesperophobic bile.

In fact, their justifications for China's deprivations in Tibet are astoundingly similar to 19th century European Orientalism and Colonialism (apparently, the Tibetans are "uncivilized savages who eat people and drink blood" and the Chinese are only trying to "civilize them" by taking away their land, ethnically cleansing them in droves and bilking their natural resources to feed the Chinese economy).

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