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Comment Re:Nope, it is still in the future (Score 2) 417

AIDS was this terrible nightmare from a by gone era when some people who made a lot of noise in the media had unprotected sex with everyone else in the group.

AIDS is still a nightmare in third word countries. Don't dismiss it just because symptoms in the developed world are relatively scarce.

The Military

Submission + - North Korea forces US reconnaissance plane to land ( 2

ToBeDecided writes: A US military reconessaince plane was reportedly forced to perform an emergency landing during a major military exercise near the North Korean border in March. As revealed by the South Korean defense ministry, a strong signal transmitted from the north disrupted GPS in the area surrounding the position of the RC-7B aircraft. Without information about their position, the pilots were forced to abort their mission and return to South Korea.
This leaves the question whether the US military would be able to perform operations in North Korea given how fragile their equipment seems to be.

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