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Comment Re:Still no factory in the USA (Score 1) 166

So the factories still will exist inside China, where human rights really don't matter. God forbid they spend those "several million dollars" in the US to open a factory and do the production stateside where human rights can be guaranteed.

There won't be a factory in the United States until the whole supply chain is in the United States. It is just too inefficient to have a large distance between one's suppliers. This is explained nicely at

Comment Re:Why the anger? (Score 1) 1007

If you and your child are vaccinated, what is the risk to you if they come into contact with the disease? You've already given your kid immunity (or something like 95-99% immunity), right? So if my kid happens to carry the disease, you shouldn't have to worry about it.

So why do you care?

Because infants under 8 weeks can not be vaccinated for Pertussis so if you come down with it you may inadvertently wind up killing an infant. Also vaccines do not always work so you may wind up killing someone that was vaccinated and for some reason it was not affective. Not getting vaccinated is like drinking and driving. It is unfair to the others around you.

Comment Re:SSDD (Score 1) 494

You forgot to mention that when the Alaskan oil pipeline was being held up over environmental concerns, the Yom Kippur war occurred and OPEC proclaimed an embargo on oil. In response to this, the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Authorization Act was passed which halted all environmental legal challenges and work proceeded. There were also some problems with the Teamsters but after Jimmy Hoffa disappeared things started to improve.

Comment Re:Where's the Patent Payoff? (Score 2) 163

Making money off the patents for IBM is a nice benefit but I believe ultimately this is being driven by companies needing to cross license IP. I worked at a company where we cross licensed IP with IBM and whoever had a bigger stack of patents would not pay anything and the other company would pay based on the relative difference in size of the stacks. We had incentives for engineers to patent our IP so that our stack would be bigger and the negotiations would be more favorable.

Comment It all makes sense (Score 1) 380

It all makes sense once one understands the coding scheme:


The first three characters are the type of water transport accident that caused the injury:

V90 Drowning and submersion due to accident to watercraft
V91 Other injury due to accident to watercraft
V92 Drowning and submersion due to accident on board watercraft, without accident to watercraft
V93 Other injury due to accident on board watercraft, without accident to watercraft
V94 Other and unspecified water transport accidents

Next there is a sub-code that further categorizes the incident:

V91.0 - Burn due to watercraft on fire
V91.1 - Crushed between watercraft and other watercraft or other object due to collision
V91.2 - Fall due to collision between watercraft and other watercraft or other object ...

After that is a code that identifies the type of water craft:

0 - Merchant ship
1 - Passenger ship
2 - Fishing boat
3 - Other powered watercraft
4 - Sailboat
5 - Canoe or kayak
6 - Inflatable craft (nonpowered)
7 - Water-skis
8 - Other unpowered watercraft
9 - Unspecified watercraft

And then the following 2 character code:

XA - Initial Encounter
XD - Subsequent Encounter
XS - Sequela

One can then combine what is needed in a systematic way. The confusion comes when they are blindly enumerated to generate every possible combination. Some combinations will not make sense but that is just a side affect of not specifying the water craft and encounter type individually for every sub-code. For instance 'water-skis' is perfectly reasonable for other sub-codes such as:

V91.2 - Fall due to collision between watercraft and other watercraft or other object

Comment Re:Isn't this illegal under consumer protection la (Score 1) 210

Under commerce laws, a contract is signed between a consumer and a company to perform a service.

The NON-action of that service - the unwanted gift ORDERED and PAID FOR by the consumer Aunt Milly - is a direct and actionable defrauding of service and a contractual BREACH by Amazon.

I smell a massive consumer lawsuit that Amazon will lose.

Amazon enters into the contract to deliver the goods and services specified. They are the AGENT of Aunt Milly.

Anything other than a good-faith effort to fulfill that contract is an act of FRAUD.

Didn't Aunt Milly agree to this, though, when she clicked "I Agree" to the TOS?

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