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XBox (Games)

Journal Xaoswolf's Journal: What I've been up to 2

I've been toying with it for a while, and I think I'm going to actually start doing it now.

Xaoswolf is becoming a business man. I'm going to start my own gaming company. Mostly pen and paper, with pdf downloads and POD books to start. If that picks up perhaps I can move onto nice printed books, maybe some shirts and other swag.

Also been kicking around an idea for a video game. I got pretty much the whole thing down in my head including a couple of the levels, but no idea where to go from there. Who do you talk to in order to actually sell/develope a game? Not that I'll make tons of cash or that it will beat Diakatana in revenue if it even gets published, but I'd like to give it a try. It should be noted that, while I aced my programming classes, they were all easy, included no 3d modeling, and I can't do more than really simple cheezy text based games in C++. So I ain't doing it myself...

Also got an Xbox 360. Gamertag is Xaoswolf, feel free to add. I have Crackdown on the way, and I just beat marvel Ultimate Alliance (Ghost Rider, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Captian America. Deadpool, Thor, and Dr. Strange in the reserve). Probably going to pick up Call of Duty 2 since it's pretty cheap now that 3 has been released.

Also, anybody use any of the game rental services like Gamefly? They any good? Or Blockbuster, if you signup for the mail service, you can get free game rentals in the store, but it doesn't say how many or for how long...

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What I've been up to

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  • Try asking around at the small indie houses, like Holistic Design. Or an online publisher like Matrix. Obviously be sure to do the NDA thing.

    I say that because if you try to talk to a big publisher, you'll have to have a killer demo, that is to say, a practically finished game, for them to look at before they will even talk to you, but a smaller indie company would probably have more vision and more patience for something still in the early stages of development. But it would be good have a little bit of
    • yeah, I'm going to be pushing the pen and paper stuff mostly, but damn, I'd love to have a video game published as well...

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