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Comment Calibre and ComicRack (Score 2) 361

For books - Calibre, let it convert things to epub format and let it deal with the directory structure. For comics, "ComicRack" is the absolute best. It allows cover view, can convert cbr/cbz/pdfs (though it prefers cbz for metadata), and allows the importation/scraping of metadata and saving it directly to the file.

Comment PC. (Score 1) 304

Last time I bought a new PC the old one went into the entertainment center. It isn't huge, isn't loud, and is more flexible than any of the small box setups. I keep a wireless mouse & keyboard in the coffee table drawer, and the PC is in sleep mode when not in use. Very easy to reach in the drawer, smack the space bar to wake it up and start watching Netflix.

Comment Memories.. (Score 1) 480

Life in early UO was often nasty, brutish, short, and fun. If you were in town you had to be wary of thieves and scams, and if you were out of town you had to worry about being attacked at any second. But, you picked up good friends and forged great memories doing it because it was the only game in town. It's like my father reminiscing about the great depression - all the bad things created some good memories, but given the choice no one would go through that again.

Comment Yup (Score 1) 1049

Yes, it would and it has. If you're dealing with 50+ resumes, any little thing like that helps reduce the pile. Unfair, perhaps, but if someone's supposed to be on good behavior, presenting their best face, and don't know better than to use, 'jedimaster@', how serious are clients going to take them?

Comment Re:The real question is... (Score 1) 454

Also on New Egg - about a year ago I wrote a bad review on a product, and mine was the only review. I checked a week later and several people had marked my review helpful. Another week, and the product itself was gone. I'm assuming they pulled it because of my review, and definitely upped my respect for them.

Comment Re:Eyecandy in cost of usability (Score 1) 1124

"The problem with menu style systems is that it is not intuitive."
It is if you've been doing it for seven+ years, or however long Firefox has been on my desktop. Right or wrong, I know exactly where these tools are by now - I don't want to have to relearn where they are in an "intuitive" ribbon solely because "it's better" (for whom? Someone who has never, ever used a web browser? Really?)
"There is resistance to the change because of 'menus are the way we are used to doing things' not necessarily the way things should be done.""
Should as defined by whom? This sounds like change for the sake of change. By this logic we should all immediaetly begin using the Dvorak keyboard.

Comment Re:These plaintiffs are being very reasonable (Score 1) 526

I have no idea how _much_ money they're losing because the images are on Wikimedia, but I think it's reasonable to assume there's a noticeable loss.

My guess would be they're not experiencing a loss at all. If their revenue stream is based on prints from their gift shop, or even exclusive'deals with online print sellers, I can't see someone not buying from them thinking, "Oho, I can just go to Wikipedia and print it out on my color printer for free!" Hrm, or maybe it's other online print sellers grabbing the wiki entries and selling them that's the problem?

Comment Re:"the NPG's taxpayer-funded mission" (Score 1) 526

"somebody has invested money, skills and effort in making the reproduction be as good as possible."

True, a lot of sweat went into it, but does that make it an original work of art which should be afforded the same protections as a any other piece under the law? Apparently under UK law, yes; fairly dumb if ya ask me.

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