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Comment CBA? Lol Sony (Score 1) 54

As a reminder, the Sony hack involved 12.3 million credit cards. This isn't counting the 77 million people who 'just' had their data stolen.

This hack is less than one fifteen hundreth in scope (1/1500th). To put it in car analogy form, if Sony's breach was a quarter mile drag race, CBA's breach would be rolling 10 inches forward at a stop light.

This doesn't mean that every breach of data is deplorable. Just remember how bad the Sony breach was.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 278

Cancel cable subscription and stop watching big content? Check.
Only buy from independent artists? Check, plus Jamendo has better music.
Stop going to or renting movies? Check.
Campaign for and support people who are for strong consumer rights? Check, with both time and money.
Tell my friends and family? Check.
Inform my local politicians about my views? Check.
Donate time and money to organizations like the EFF and ACLU? Check.
Stop buying iPods, PS3s, MP3 players, Amazon Prime memberships, and Netflix subscriptions? Check, check, check, check and check.

I'm doing everything I can. I'm getting my friends to do everything they can. It's still not enough. So I'm saving money and learning foreign languages to move out of this country. It's part of a ten year plan and it'll be a long time until it's realized. Every day I'm closer to my goal than the day before. After two years of work, I'm well ahead of schedule, and I can't wait to leave this sinking ship.

You might still be pushed around by these bullies a decade from now. I won't be.

Comment Re:Uh, don't we maybe NEED that hormone? (Score 1) 404

I must be incredibly lucky then. In both of my long term relationships, contraception had a reverse effect.

One used depo shot, and she'd get ridiculously horny for the month following the shot (along with an increase in baseline horniness).

Another uses the patch, currently results in her "hormones going out of control God just over already so we can screw."

Although I'm sure this is affected by selection bias. I could just imagine that any relationship where the sex suddenly goes away wouldn't be a relationship I'd stay in long unless I'd made a prior commitment.

Comment Re:Better quiet down (Score 1) 181

You don't need to worry about anything, because our government wouldn't be so silly because Dole, Chiquita, and Del Monte are invested in Bananas and are just as ruthless.

Hurray for American democracy. If you can't trust politicians to serve your best interest, at least you can trust corporations to protect themselves.

Comment Re:Why on earth would I save? (Score 1) 182

More accurately, at 8% inflation, $1,000,000 in 40 years will be worth $42,000 dollars. Enough to... buy a nice car or live on the cheap for a year or two.
Even at the much more conservative 4% inflation rate, you're looking at $205,000. Which is nicer but not enough to pay for costly medical treatments or keep you and your wife afloat for more than a decade. Plus, in the event that medical science lets you live longer than you anticipated, you could easily run out of cash socking away those funds.
A million dollars will not save you. Best case, it'll keep you out of poverty once you stop working. Worst case, you'll have to work till you die anyways.

Submission + - exposes buyers' real name, sexy purchases ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: is transitioning from craft-focused e-commerce to "social commerce." What does that mean? Privacy violations, apparently. Etsy has retroactively published the real names and purchase history of their buyers, complete with search. Users have not been notified of the change outside a help forum post. But Etsy users are fighting mad and sellers are demanding answers.

Should users need to explain to admins why selling sex toys might be incompatible with opt-out transparency and real names?

Comment convinced me to switch browsers (Score 1) 363

Mozilla's Kraken has just convinced me to switch my browser... to chrome. It's a shame Firefox doesn't understand that browsers should be designed to actually be used by humans. Firefox Test: I start up Kraken in Firefox. Immediately the window becomes nonresponsive for a few seconds, and I'm unable to use mouse-gestures to return to my slashdot tab, forcing me to manually switch. Then my performance in another tab is so severely impacted it becomes a chore to even attempt to read the article, as I'm unable to even scroll down without several second delays. I try to minimize the window resulting in a ridiculous delay, then attempt to maximize the now-nonresponsive Firefox, again getting an even greater delay. It's a pain to even try to close the offending tab while all this is going on. Finally Kraken is halted and I'm in control of my own computer again. Chrome Test: I start up the test in Google. No lag, no delays, no horrible loss of control of the browser. It seems to be taking significantly longer (still not completed), but I can *gasp* actually use my browser! What a novel idea. I'd much rather have a great time on a browser that I'd actually want to use, than a terrible time on a slightly faster platform.

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