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Comment Re:Sounds like most temperature data (Score 2) 175

Most temperature data collected over the years should be disqualified for those and other various reasons including the data fabrication that is done by GISS, NOAA and others.

For a number of articles on the topic that show the data fabrication see:

Showing graphs without the data to support them, and claim operations have been applied without specifying the operations is quite frankly horse shit. Back up your assertions or go away.

Comment Re:Elsevier needs to go away (Score 1) 67

The current system is a hindrance. As an undergraduate student I want to get the fullest picture of my field so I can become the most rounded nurse that I can be. In comes Elsevier, restricting access by imposing ridiculous fees - £30 for 24 hours, anyone?! - despite a wide ranging institutional subscription. Sod that.

So I'm left reading abstracts, having to omit what look like relevant articles because I cannot verify the veracity of the authors methods. Let's not forget that this is affecting your future doctors, nurses, radiographers and all the other allied health professionals.

Comment Re:Thank fuck! (Score 1) 217

Considering that the placebo effect may be stronger than the effects of normal medication in a number of cases (depending on your metabolism), you might be very wrong. It's not a coincidence that medication that fails to out-do a placebo, is not approved for use in humans.

Your line of reasoning seems confused. What does the efficacy of medications and their approval have to do with the complete and utter lack of rigorous evidence for the efficacy of homeopathy?

Unless I'm missing fundamental, the efficacy - or lack thereof - of proper medication in a population has nothing to do with the long settled question of magical water and sugar pills 'curing' illnesses.

The principles supposedly underpinning homeopathy are frankly bullshit. At best it's misguided; at worst it's completely unethical and possibly fatal.


Submission + - Microsoft Blocking MSN in Embargoed Countries

XaN-ASMoDi writes: Ars Technica has an article on Microsoft's recent practice of blocking MSN in US embargoed states. From the article:

Microsoft this week decided to turn off its Windows Live Messenger service for five countries: Cuba, Syria, Iran, Sudan, and North Korea. All five of these countries have a few things n common, but the one that apparently concerns Microsoft is that the US has put embargoes on each of them. Users in these countries get the following error: "810003c1: We were unable to sign you in to the .NET Messenger Service." The user is not informed as to the actual reason for the block. Currently, it's not clear how broad the block is or how long it will last.


Submission + - Packet Switching: Accelerating The Modern Age

XaN-ASMoDi writes:

It has often been said that change is the only constant in the 21st Century. And there is little doubt that the restless tone of these times is something that the web has helped to accelerate, but the only reason that [...] the web can cope with that punishing pace is thanks to work done four decades ago by British mathematician Donald Davies at the UK's National Physica Laboratory (NPL). On 5 August 1968 Dr Davies gave the first public presentation of work he had been doing on a method of moving data around computer networks called "packet switching".

Here is the BBC's article.

Social Networks

Submission + - Six degrees from Cmdr. Taco?

XaN-ASMoDi writes: The BBC has an interesting article on the six degrees of separation.

The theory that everyone in the world is six friendships away from everyone else is regarded by many as a myth. So what happens when the theory is put to the test? The thought that all 6.9 billion people on the planet could be closely connected to one anothe through their network of friends has a long-held fascination For decades, scientists have tried to prove tha the world is made up of social networks that are ultimately interconnected

So forget Kevin Bacon, how are you separated from Taco?

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