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Comment Just look at the History Channel.. (Score 0) 615

There are many artifacts found for which we have no explanation as to how they were used. Lets take the Baghdad battery for example. Is it a battery? Is it medicinal? How bout the Pyramids at Giza? How were those tools used, propaganda? esthetics? What about the Moai of Easter Island? All the monoliths were "tools" same as magnetic tapes we use today. How bout we say that all tools from recorded history still are used, and those from before, are not.

Comment Re:Riduculous (Score 0) 489

Yes they led a good life as the america's coffers were overflowing with gold coming from the European refugees, however, their life style was unsustainable. What ever achievements they made were insignificant to what could have been done if the culture was evolving into intellectually arousing direction instead of the car-crazy-burger-swallowing head-bashing-sports-a-rama which made Americans look like idiots to the rest of the world for.. well still are. So F*** the old timeys and their "American Dream", this is a new age, and I got a new American Dream, and in that dream, other countries get to form unions, and fight for equality, while we, as the "more mature" nation, develop the intellectual prowess needed for the next century.

Comment Riduculous (Score 0, Interesting) 489

Wow, I didn't even bother to read past the first page. You Mr Gewirtz is an idiot. The era of being able to provide for your family by standing all day pushing a button, getting off at 4pm and drinking all night with buddies is over, Industrial revolution, is over. Your ideology is stupid. I think you are afraid that with out mfg jobs everyone will be a geek like you, and you wont be soo freaking special, you looser.

Comment Just (don't) Do IT (Score 0) 172

Wrapping up game development into 50 hours is a recipe for a life long nightmare for someone. Imagine if some of your students actually will really LOVE making games. Are you going to be the one that tells them that being that they are "Fine Arts" major, there are not likely to ever get anywhere close to game authoring and at best can only find a job as a 3D graphic artists and only that after getting another degree! What you are doing is a SHAM.

Comment Re:Globalization - not understood (Score 0) 176

I have nothing against outsourcing. I my self have worked with outsourced groups many times. Very pleasant folk, if anything, they make me feel more confident in my market viability. But in return, please, don't tell me that we should be adopting any habits like corruption, and monstrous bureaucracy of a regime such as India.

Comment Globalization - not understood (Score 0) 176

I think someone needs to teach these countries that Globalization doesn't mean you get to pick and choose those attributes of trade which fit your needs best. It's a model, get with it, or get off the train. Seriously, why are we sharing all our technology with these shady countries? Oh yeah capitalism, and slow as shit Pentagon. Don't complain the world is filling with despots when we aren't willing to regulate the chips supplied to North Korea, or the control over technology we give to shady governments like India and China.

Comment Re:Title failure (Score 0) 495

I fully agree, did the poster even read the article? I'd rather see someone just fail (because of budget constrains) then try and fail (with a gianormous budget). I personally did notice the ring and thought it was "whack". The original was awesome because the explosion mimicked Fireworks explosion and transitioned smoothly into the ending scenes with the firework celebration.

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