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Comment Allo? FB Messenger? (Score 4, Insightful) 143

The competing product from Google and Facebook are both available on iOS and Android. Add to that the fact that Android owns so much more of the smart phone market than Apple.

Given both of those facts, Apple probably realizes that in order to keep their customers using this product instead jumping ship to something that is supported on both their platform and the most popular platform in the world, they have to offer their product(s) on that platform as well.

Comment Re:clearly they havent heard (Score 2) 81

what friction? the DNS RFC has been around since 1987, its not some arcane rune stone of indecipherable glyphs. hell, you managed to get it to work in your panel.

I know nothing about this proposed solution beyond what the summary provided, and I share your anti-GoDaddy feeling in general.

There is, however, a problem that needs to be solved when transferring domains from one registrar to another. I've dealt with many different registrars over the years, and none of them do this the exact same way. Sometimes they don't support authorization codes, other times the destination can't process the codes properly, and the transfer request times out at the source. I'd love to see a better, more uniform and accepted way to handle this process...this may or may not be just that.

Comment Re:Ok, why? (Score 2) 311

The correct response to this kind of abuse is to track down the lawyer who signed his name to the takedown notice (it's not valid takedown notice without it) and prosecute him for perjury (since he swore under penalty of perjury that it was accurate and that he represented the copyright holder)

A lawyer isn't required to "sign his name" on a DMCA takedown. The person claiming to be the copyright owner can (and usually does) do so.

Comment Re:Decentralized source control (Score 1) 117

If source control being inaccessible means you get the day off.... let's just say that ClearCase users would be extremely happy.

As someone who used to be a ClearCase/MultiSite admin in a former life, I have to say that if that system went fully offline for anything more than a few minutes, then your admin isn't doing it right.

Comment Or, those lawmakers might disagree (Score 1) 210

the close vote — 285 to 281 — suggested the extent to which some European lawmakers are wary of alienating the United States.

This could be the case, but it also could be that they simply don't agree with the proposed resolution. I know Snowden is quite popular on Slashdot (and thus this possibility isn't), but the fact is that not everyone on the planet supports Snowden's decisions.

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