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Comment Re:Except that Google is so much cheaper... (Score 1) 366

Three cents for a click is a steal!

Right now I have 103 clicks since my last Google adsense payment, which will pay me $74.44. That's an average of $0.73 per click. Some clicks pay me over a dollar. Google must be taking a cut for this, advertisers are paying even more.

I started a Google adwords campaign for a company a few years ago, and thought I'd have no problem finding some keywords where I could get a trickle of customers at $0.10. No dice. I had to move to a dollar or two a click before I could even spend my advertising budget.


Submission + - CIA vs. Commercial Intelligence Analysts (

Mr Robot writes: "So what is the difference between commerical intelligence people and their counterparts working for the CIA? Is it that the CIA have more knowhow, more tradecraft, different targets etc? Is it that CIA analysts work on behalf of the citizens of the country, as directed by the government of the day — and not for shareholders? Is that the CIA have more money, more resources, a higher mission in life, even? What distinguishes secret service agents from their counterparts in the commercial world? Well, all the above are correct distinguishing points, but there is one differentiator that brings the most significant distinguising point of all — RAGE. Rage is what really distinguishes the CIA from their lowly counterparts in the commercial arena. When you've seen the ugly face of injustice, of inhumanity of immorality..... Somehow you find an edge that no others have. Somehow you find that little something more. More focus, more drive, more love for your fellow man. More rage!!!! If you operate an upstanding and ethical brand — the best way to motive commercial intelligence analysts is to ensure they know that the enemy is a frightening, corrupt and subversive monster — and that their real job is to kill them dead — before they themselves are eaten alive. That's the difference between competitive intelligence agency and the CIA? CIA operatives can be eaten alive if they fail. Commercial analysts never are."

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