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Comment Re:Unreal... (Score 1) 1352

>I would argue with you, over a beer, your concept of earned criticisms and false-realities
> but I strongly suspect I'd want to choke you out.

That's probably because you can't handle having your delusions challenged. When people don't have reason on their side, they often become violent in defense of their indefensible beliefs. It's sad.

Comment Re:What the survey didn't say... (Score 1) 1352

>Gee it's like if you want to believe something, you will seek out info that reinforces that,
>and filter out info that doesn't...did anyone not know this?

The question is what do we do about it? How do we help people understand the issues of the day when they've been lied to for so long that they live in an alternate reality, and respond with defense mechanisms when their false worldview is challenged.

Comment Re:Unreal... (Score 1) 1352

If you were really well informed, you'd understand that Fox News is a propaganda channel, and you'd understand that both Liberals and Conservatives have some good ideas and bad. Sane conservatives should despise what the know-nothings have done to the conservative movement.

That criticism of a "news" outlet that's earned every bit of it would drive you away from /., combined with thinking liberals are factually challenged (some are) when the Fox/Limbaugh/Beck/Malkin/Savage conservatives have constructed their own alternate-reality speaks volumes.

I strongly suspect that the false-reality wingnut narrative has taken hold in you.

Comment Re:Who's "facts" are the "correct" answers? (Score 1) 1352

You've just given examples of right-wing lies, and made yourself an example of what happens when people get their news from Fox. Climategate wasn't an actual scandal. It was made up entirely by wingnuts. No wrongdoing was found at all, but a lot of stupid people still believe that "trick" refers to some kind of deceit when really it refers to a technique for working with the data.

Obama's birthplace has absolutely been proven as much as any can prove their birthplace. There's no such thing as a long-form birth certificate. It's just another wingnut lie.

Don't believe me, ask any honest conservative who hasn't been brainwashed by right-wing media and they'll tell you that you've been lied to.

Comment Re:Yeah, sure (Score 1) 1352

It's misinformed rather than uninformed. There's been an effort among unethical conservatives to first deny global warming, then when it became obvious to deny that we've caused it. They don't mind killing our kids if it keeps the gravy-train running a little longer for the super-rich. We're probably already completely screwed because of these scumbags.

Comment Re:Hiring? (Score 2) 164

Some companies do lay off their best people. A company gets too big, and the person cutting heads is completely disconnected from the people they're cutting, so they have no idea what the person contributes, just what their salary is.

At my former company, only the most junior people with very low salaries are still there. They no longer innovate, and can barely maintain existing systems. Apparently it looks good to shareholders in the short-term when they cut expenses.

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