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Comment Standards are needed (Score 1) 202

Whether humans or machines drive cars is irrelevant. What DOES matter is HOW they drive.

Humans are required to pass a standards test. Machines (so far) are not.

Why is there not a standard being established by the self-driving industry with stakeholders from government and the public?

The standard needs to be there to set minimum guidelines for:

- Software vulnerability

- Computer redundancy (three computers checking each other - like the airplane industry)

- Obstacle detection

- Rule downloads/updates by government district

- Manual override/safe stop capability

- User interface (voice, smartphone etc.)

- Weather calibration/detection: ice, snow, rain, high winds/tornadoes etc.

- National Emergency/Evacuation capability

- Idling/Circling (the block) rules - (in a busy downtown, users could clog streets with cars endlessly circling the block)

- Human needs consideration: Pee breaks, Senior/Child safety etc.

and so forth

Point being that there are no standards for any of this. Unless an autonomous vehicle is able to pass tests, then it should NOT be on the road with those who have.

Comment The Aircraft Industry (Score 5, Interesting) 37

Regardless of which O/S and what features prevail in the autonomous driving world, I have one very grave concern. Thousands of man-years of research have gone into aircraft safety. One of the major components of that safety is a triply redundant computer system. If one machine does not agree with the other two, the pilot is warned.

Right now, we don't have standards for self-driving cars. This should be the baseline for any new standard.

Comment Please get informed (Score 4, Informative) 667

I am not pro or anti Trump but this story is full of shit. Here's why: Trump is proposing to MOVE climate research etc. to the EPA, NCAR and other agencies, NOT eliminate it. NASA will focus on hard space research. The dollars spent will not change - just the agencies.

Secondly, the goal is to de-politicize the research so that dissenting viewpoints can be presented along with majority viewpoints.

This is the basis of the scientific method, not of trying for outcomes that are political.

Don't ever forget the story of Dr. Barry Warren who discovered the cure for most ulcers. Because Big Pharma stood to lose millions, his research was quashed. It wasn't until he gave himself an ulcer and cured it that the story got out.

Same goes for climate: let's focus on proper, scientific research and NOT on opinion and emotion. This way we can arrive at empirical evidence to support solutions to climate change. Don't ever forget, it was NIXON who created the EPA. Trump may surprise with his pragmatic approach... on the other hand, he may not! LOL

Comment North Korea? (Score 3, Interesting) 149

I have a real problem whenever anyone accuses North Korea of hacking something.

This is a country with virtually no internet, comparatively few computers (per capita) and, as such, minimal infrastructure to nurture and support high-level programmers.

How then, would North Korea be responsible for major hacking when other countries with vast numbers of programmers could be responsible? China, India, Pakistan, Russia and any number of underground American anarchistic groups are vastly more equipped to do so.

Let's say, for a moment, that North Korea DID hack DYN. Where would they get the expertise? Well, who's their neighbour? China. Why does their neighbour tolerate North Korea rather that simply rolling over it? So they can use North Korea as a pawn/puppet to launch clandestine attacks.

I'm not suggesting China did it, I am just suggesting that it is highly unlikely that North Korea did it.

Comment They are completely missing the boat. (Score 4, Insightful) 123

Bad news is good news - but not for Samsung.

They are passing up an amazing opportunity. They will never have this much publicity about a product again.

Here is what they should do:

Put ads everywhere offering a full and formal apology. And, in the same ad, stating that they are going to focus entirely on battery development to produce the safest, cleanest, longest-lasting and most quickly rechargeable batteries ever made. To do so, they will include links like Google did asking for the world's smartest and brightest engineers to join their quest and share their progress with the world.

Comment Why Ford? (Score 1) 292

Imagine a world where Microsoft was held to the same standard as an automobile manufacturer.

A world where a crash could end a life. Well, for decades, Windows has been crashing. Apart from a few exceptional cases, it hasn't taken a life directly but, it has taken PARTS of lives: Minutes and hours.

Add all the reboots you have ever done in your lifetime and I'll bet a week of your life has been stolen. STOLEN

Yet, it's FORD that ends up in a lawsuit.

Go figure.

Comment It's an election year. (Score 1) 319

While it's crucial to be able to ensure that travelers are not terrorists, felons, illegal aliens or drug smugglers, it's also crucial to have a right to a fair hearing.

In the last two decades, real freedoms have evaporated and no one is doing anything about it.

Why is no one fighting for this egregious breach of personal freedoms?

Why is this not on the political agenda?

Message your elected representative and tell them to restore the freedoms we once had.

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