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Comment Re:why is this news? (Score 1) 208

Probably, but in the recent years Lego has produced boxes that appeal to boys more than girls, mainly by having 99% of the figs being male, and exploring violent themes (war, ninjas, guns, ...) in their "cool" sets. Whenever Lego tried to attract girls, they managed to produce boxes full of pink, flowers, more pink, rainbows, even more pink, and explore themes such as vacuum cleaning, be beautiful and superficial, and let the boys lead. It's far from the 90's box sets with houses, trains, space exploration, etc. My daughter is smart, fun and has numerous talents. I want her to develop equally and compete fairly with other human beings.

Comment Re:Social gaming (Score 1) 253

No bitterness at all. I had a blast with EQ for years, 'cause it was tough and epic content was truly epic and required an exceptional teamplay and commitment. Vanilla WoW, and to some extent BC upon release, required such teamplay and dedication. But then, Blizzard started to make the game easier, for the sake of retaining frustrated customers. As for the "grinding", you miss a point. I personally do love lore, and reading the quests often provides that. WoW has an awesome backstory and very interesting character concepts. I'm a slow leveler, but I enjoy every bit of it, and I learn to play my character through it.

Comment Re:Social gaming (Score 1) 253

Blizzard didn't listen to its customers. It listened to Bob Kotick and the need to cash more. When WoW was released, the Devs clearly stated that there would never be any paid extras to migrate, change class, change race, etc. Then Burning Crusade came, WoW was reset, and all previously existing content was nullified and underrated. At the initial Devs started to move on... and Blizzard was acquired by Activision... and more Devs moved on. The game is pretty dead since the second extension and most of the initial Devs left an empty shell Blizzard.

Comment Browser Compatibility (Score 1) 374

I am currently applying to jobs and what I noticed is:
- Chrome is often properly unsupported, leading to display glitches (calendars not showing up for dates, erratic formatting, misalignments, ...). Employers most commonly use MSIE and therefore assume that everyone else does; why would they pay their webmaster/designer to ensure compatibility for other browsers?
- Numerous companies use Taleo and even more do not configure it properly. Only yesterday was I unable to complete an application because when picking up the Country, I was prompted to pick up US states only, regardless of the said Country I chose.

Comment Re:Frame of Reference (Score 2, Insightful) 390

As you point out, there's certainly a market out there. But the next question coming to my mind is : would that prioritization come at the expense of the standard user's comfort? By the moment they switch their prioritization on, will we see our latencies and bandwidth melt like snow under the sun, to the point where we'll become obliged to buy their package?

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