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Comment Re: bit rot (Score 0) 475

This is quite possibly the most ignorant comment in this entire thread. ZFS is dead? What are you smoking? It's in illumos and FreeBSD. Which is the base for many many of the largest storage v noses on earth. Emc, nexenta, spectra logic. Your idea that zfs is dead should be completely ignored as ignorant.

Comment Yeah, they NEED to kill some things and FOCUS. (Score 1) 61

I just recently got google fiber + TV. Their onscreen guide and app is a tire fire. Its low resolution, its slow, buggy, lacks a ton of features the sat. providers and apple have, and support is a complete joke. Waiting 2+ years to drag fiber 50 feet to your house to get you hooked up? When service goes out taking 2, 3, 4+ weeks to restore service. Google, your rollout, support and commitment is OBSCENE.

Comment Re:Better Question: How do you organize your data? (Score 2) 366

That doesn't organize your data. That just dumps in one pile. How do you *find* anything is the problem. The best app I have found to do this is called NeoFinder. It allows you to organize all your files in one application, tag them with metadata, create thumbnails of common formats and the best part of it is it allows you to store the applications library data file ON the server. It's the only app that allows you to do this, everyone else forces you to store it client side. Bundle this with a ZFS server and Samba and you are golden! It runs on OS X and Windows. It's not open source but I don't care because every other OS "solution" to managing/organizing/tagging files is utter fucking trash at best and a tire fire at worst.

Comment GAH! "Hi! I'm Earth, have we met?" (Score 1) 366

Seriously, if you are not running BSD with ZFS by *now* you are hopelessly ignorant and/or just a glutton for PAIN. These stories just make me wonder who these people are? I come from the times when all we had was UFS and dump/restore, tar, and let me tell you it was PAIN! Managing data on UFS, backups, expanding partitions, was fun#$ing pain on a level you cannot understand. Now? Now we have ZFS, we have stopped pooping in our water. Best solution is get all that data copied to a ZFS stripped mirror pool pronto. Create another small box with another striped pool and zfs send/receive from one to the other. Create snapshots on the main box every 5 minutes. They cost nothing. And there are a ton of scripts out there to automate this and manage creation/deletion of snapshots. Storing data on anything but ZFS today should be punishable by death.

Comment The dire contrast between how... (Score 2) 198

Apple treats its customers and its views of security and privacy versus google is astoundingly shocking. Apple may be a walled garden. But you don't see any of the daily malware stories, hacking stories, stories like this on iOS. Think what you want about Apple, call them liars, etc but they really DO care about the user experience and users security. Enjoy your craptastic android phones that get better by the minute!

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