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Comment Re:Go for it (Score 1) 1065

I remember seeing on the news where a guy who was a victim of a failed breaking system was able to call for help and the police used their cars to actually stop him. If his car scrambled the signal, I hate to think how that would have ended up. Have to wonder what the range would be too, if it could be tweaked and how that could be grossly misused in an urban environment where cell use can actually save lives.

Comment Re:A non-partisan no-brainer (Score 1) 647

Amen to that -- I don't think it's a modesty issue at all. Plenty of people who don't have problems with nudity feel violated by this because there's no real choice involved. For those that have been abused, this sets off all kinds of alarm bells. No vote, no anything - just this is how it is now, deal with it. For now, I'm just not going to travel if I can help it.

Comment Creepy (Score 1) 10

I never trusted that doll. Didn't when I was a kid and definately don't now. What's next, Cylon Barbie? Barbie, there are many copies....and they have plan...

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