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Submission + - 2GBps Reached in 5G Trial (

WyldPhyr writes: Nokia Corporation and NTT Docomo demonstrated its 5G wireless technology in an indoor trial and achieved down link speeds of more than 2 Gbps using higher frequencies in the 70 Ghz spectrum. According to Nokia, the result of the indoor trial underscores the readiness of both operators to deliver a state-of-the-art 5G wireless network by 2020 and beyond. NTT Docomo is the largest mobile operator in Japan while Nokia is the third largest equipment manufacturer worldwide. Seizo Onoe, chief technology officer at NTT Docomo believed that high frequency spectrum can be used not just for small cells as a way to complement the existing network. It is also useful for building solid area coverage through coordination with existing lower frequency band. NTT Docomo aims to introduce the 5G wireless technology during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Comment Collateral Damage (Score 1) 194

Not only does a Stingray impair other network user's experiences', but it tracks their usage along with the target's. There is evidence that various law enforcement agencies along with the federal government are actively taking steps to conceal the details of their use of this device from public scrutiny. The government needs to be open with their use of this device and others like it in order to prevent abuse, and to preserve American citizens' Constitutional rights.

Comment Re: Better Idea (Score 1) 64

I don't know why they haven't thought of that. A printer that e-mails the printed paper. But the whole point of this is to be secure so after the paper is scanned, it needs to be shredded. As long as the e-mail is secure. But the fundamental problem is when you are printing something, you usually have it as a file and you want a physical copy.

Comment The Right Person for the Job (Score 1) 593

I support equal opportunity employers. That being said, I belive that we sould not hire someone for PR reasons. You should not discriminate someone because they are black, but you shouldn't hire them for that reason alone either. If a white male, and an African-american female apply for a job, and the white male is hired because he is better qualified, that is not racist or sexist, it is just selecting the better candidate for the job. Now this should also work the other way around as well. We should not be hiring based on gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or disabilities. We should hire based on qualifications (as well as a few other factors).

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