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Comment Re:Microbreweries (Score 1) 840

Yeah, beer drinkers would call it "watery." You should try real Belgian white beer sometime, which is what Blue Moon is aiming at. You'll find it more flavorful, and just a lot more satisfying.

Unfortunately I can't recommend anything off the top of my head... Maybe Hoegaarden? It's not the best I've had, but it's the only one I've had and liked, and whose name I can recall right now.

I'll have to admit that Blue Moon won't be your worst choice in some situations, especially when the options are Bud, Bud Light, Coors anything, and, oh, PBR...

Comment Re:He was willing to speak in Israel at all? (Score 1) 609

It's interesting to note (*) that the current state of affairs regarding marriage in Israel is more unpopular among secular Jews who want to marry other secular Jews without the overbearing involvement of an orthodox rabbi than among people who are interested in marrying someone of a different faith. The latter seem to be better organized and have better parliamentary representation, so something might actually change on their behalf.

(*) Interesting to me, at least...

Comment Re:He was willing to speak in Israel at all? (Score 0) 609

Where do you get that? Interfaith marriage is not illegal in Israel, and non-jews can certainly own land. There's nothing in the constitution about that. Really, the "constitution" is a set of fundamental laws with an ad hoc constitutional status - i.e. this:

While it's true that marriage law is a mess in Israel, it's because of a bunch of reasons having more to do with internal politics than a desire to discriminate against anyone, and the situation you're describing is basically fiction.

Comment Re:Oddly, I'd like to ask the reverse (Score 0) 585

My advice: Nah. When I used DOS, I kept solving problems to get things done, but they were stupid, unnecessary problems that were the result of the limitations of the system. They weren't challenging problems - just busy work.

When I got my first Linux system up and running, I felt like I was finally free of all that arbitrary crap. I don't miss it.

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