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Comment Re:Wonder how much they'll cost? (Score 1) 82

I wonder what the environmental impact of going out and collecting the plastic is. I'd bet a shiny penny that it's worse for the environment than just leaving that tiny amount of plastic in the ocean.

It's not like there are floating barges full of perfectly sorted plastic out there, the reason nobody's cleaning it up in the first place is because it's a horrible job to do so.

Comment Re:I didn't need a smartphone for a tech accident (Score 1, Flamebait) 344

Like everything with government, it no longer has anything to do with safety.

The second it's a source of revenue it's milked for all it's worth in every possible edge case, with everybody who questions it on the pro-side of running over babies.

Parked by the curb, finishing your conversation before you put it in drive? The engine's running, you're on the phone, pay up.

Comment Re: Actually iOS is safer, more likely to get patc (Score 1) 154

It's worse than that.

I actively avoid updates because my carrier uses them to install new, uninstallable crap that I don't want.

And yes, I understand exactly what I'm doing when I don't accept them. I don't bank on my phone, so the worst an attacker could do is get into my social media accounts.

My carrier is a bigger threat to me than this attack.

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