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Submission + - Dropbox temporarily makes all user data public (

Wuhao writes: Popular cloud storage service Dropbox revealed yesterday that it temporarily disabled password verification on it's web sign-in process for a period of 4 hours. During this time, all user login attempts were successful regardless of whether the correct password was entered. Dropbox notified users in a blog post the next day, although it chose not to email users or provide assistance to users seeking to determine if their accounts were affected. Dropbox estimates no more than 1% of all accounts were potentially compromised.

Submission + - Leopard Incompatible with MacBook, MacBook Pro (

Jeeves writes: "Since the release of Leopard, MacBook Pro owners have complained that their keyboard and mouse stops responding under the new OS. The release of 10.5.1 has introduced a slew of new complaints, and it now appears that MacBook and MacBook Pro owners of all hardware generations are affected, rendering the system unusable without the use of external hardware, and with no simple method of rolling back to an OS compatible with their laptops. There is no discernible link between incidents other than the installation of Leopard, and the issue affects owners of laptops which have been pre-installed with the new OS. Apple has not released any statement on the matter, nor any timetable for when they plan to provide a patch. Apple support technicians are unable to provide any assistance to users affected by this issue."

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