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Comment I got hit with that MS bug too. (Score 3, Interesting) 285

Just bought a new laptop with Office 2013 Home / Student edition included. Went through the Office licence activation fine then got an obscure error message that Office installation cannot be completed because it is already partly installed. It gave a link to the MS website which gave no help at all; essentially it was an unknown problem. Tried rebooting and going through the install/activation process again a few times but always the same useless error message. In the end I thought "f*ck it" and completely unistalled Office. I'm now considering whether to install LIbreOffice or Apache OpenOffice; Microsoft had their chance and blew it.

Submission + - Time to quit writing applications for Windows? (avisoft.co.uk)

Wubble writes: Is the fear of malware putting everyone off downloading new or little known programs? I’m a semi-retired software developer and provide freeware or inexpensive specialist software from my website to supplement my income; but there has been a significant downturn in downloads over the last few years.

A couple of years ago I accidentally discovered McAfee had flagged my site as hosting malware. I contacted McAfee and they acknowledged they had made a mistake and eventually changed the status of my site to "minimal risk". They gave no explanation or apology for their error. I took a significant hit in sales over this time and haven't fully recovered since.

Microsoft is also running increasingly scared of having software installed on Windows computers. I did a test install of my latest program from my website onto a Windows 8.1 computer. The system did its best to frighten off / prevent the end user from installing the software. Finally Windows "SmartScreen" stepped in and blocked the installation on the grounds the software was “unknown”.

I can no longer afford to keep buying the latest version of Visual Studio now Microsoft are going out of their way to block any software written by lone developers!

As I'm semi-retired, the income from these sales is useful but also declining. Is it time to quit developing programs for Windows and try my hand at writing apps for Android? Are there similar barriers to getting one's software out there and in use?

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