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Comment Re:One YouTube problem solved. One more to go... (Score 1) 61

Maybe do that to the developers of Periscope, who seem to think that when you're orientated landscape and you start broadcasting, your video that's saved to the device is not in 1920x1080 landscape, but 320 x 578 portrait, the whole video is tilted 90 degrees. Because of the massive loss of pixels, any correction back to landscape shows the video in terrible picture quality. If you don't live stream with Periscope, the landscape video records in full HD, in landscape.

Comment Copyright not right (Score 2) 35

The internet providers just opened themselves up to being sued for aiding and abetting the copyright cartels Everyone knows how many fake claims these copyright cartels make on a Youtube upload, they get no repercussions for their claims, but you have to deal with their lies. We also know these corporations have no problem in stealing YOUR content, then telling you to get lost. Time to abolish copyright law and stop this protectionist cartel.

Comment All about the money? (Score 1, Insightful) 142

The "piracy problem" is a sideshow, Hollywood (and music / TV industry) always wants more cocaine to shove up its, and politicians collective nose, while they all collude to sell defective products that the pirates fix (removing DRM from DVD / BluRay / data CDs passed of as Red Book Standard audio CDs etc).

Comment Fix the bugs first (Score 1) 173

Instead of adding new features (probably nobody wanted anyway), fix the bugs / features that you have. For years now, when typing a text document, the blinking icon where you are vanishes for no reason, it makes selecting text more difficult when you need to go back and add / delete / edit a word, or select chunks of text. If you're scrolling, then good luck finding where you are on the page without the missing blinker.

Secondly, Why does the page layout in writer STILL not show a dotted border for the boundary of the entire page / multi-column container? All you see is the corners - of no help at all.

Comment Digits (Score 1) 124

Firstly, I hope they pick some easy to encode / decode format like DV with PCM audio for archival. It's not space efficient like MP4, but it's less destructive on the information being digitised. I used DV on my VHS tapes.

On another point, isn't this what people are using Youtube for, as a big archive... oh, but the users haven't paid the copyright cartel their cocaine money the film/tv/record industry shoves up it's collective nose, so the uploads get "monotonized", blocked, or entire Youtube channel gets deleted.

Comment The Londno Mayor con (Score 1) 214

London has a congestion charge, which is a con, nothing to do with congestion, it's a straightforward tax, which is why most embassies in London do not pay it. London now has spy cameras looking at number plates to see if you're a "polluter", real reason is just to collect lovely data on drivers for the police and spies etc.

The new London mayor Sadiq Khan is short of money because he made an election promise to freeze public transport fares, that's impossible to keep without slashing services. Then there's the UKP38m (so far) stolen from taxpayer's for a pedestrian bridge nobody wants, and has no use whatsoever apart from to the corporations that want it as their taxpayer funded plaything.

So, instead of thinking about this as getting back at VW for their emissions cheating, it's just a tax rise to plug black holes in the mayors fraudulent spending.

Comment Great but.... (Score 1) 140

I dumped ripping to MP3 years ago, I use FLAC. Only reason to use MP3 is because most car stereos are dumb that they can't use FLAC or PCM-WAV, same reason for many pocket "MP3" players. Smart mobile phones can mostly read the formats, but their sound is dreadful.

If only online music stores would kill off MP3 for formats like FLAC.

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