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Comment Re:WTF is the point of VR? (Score 1) 125

The first VCR cost over $3000 dollars. VCRs gave way to DVDs which gave way to Blu-ray which is giving way to streaming. The 3rd party is the content provider. There is no shortage of 3rd party content providers in the video game industry. In fact, it's one of the most profitable on the planet.

Comment Re:Your analogy doesn't hold up (Score 1) 200

Oh pshaw. I wasn't pulling a No True Scotsman on you. I just didn't have all the information. The only guilt I will claim is assumption that anyone who only attends a class long enough to not have their Pell Grants taken away is not majoring in that field. Even there I am not so sure. Of the many programming classes I have taken, any of the intro level ones would always have a decent share of people who just need the 1 programming credit for some other degree. Their engagement level was similar to the 1/3 who stopped coming to your classes. I will also contend that your statement "The answer is simple: There will be more smart students at community colleges who probably would have gone to a better 4-year school if community college wasn't "free"." is not proven by the rest of your post. You don't know that for certain and seem to be pushing an agenda. You were fine up until that point. I don't think experience is wasted, especially when a young academic might still be trying to figure out what to do with their life.

Comment Your analogy doesn't hold up (Score 1) 200

You are comparing students who clearly are there just to get the credit for whatever reason and not pursuing CompSci as a degree to students who are majoring in it. Presumably people who want to learn to code are not just there to show up and retain their Pell grants. I am reading this as a false equivalence logical fallacy. It's also a very negative perspective on the untapped potential of today's youth.

Submission + - Google Launches its GoDaddy Killer writes: Kieren McCarthy reports at The Register that Google has finally launched a domain-name shop, providing a clean and simple management interface that will put Google in direct competition with market leader GoDaddy. Google became an ICANN-accredited registrar back in 2005, and it first told of its Google Domains plans in June 2014. Domains will cost between $12 to $30 to register, and $12 a year to renew. Google's offering will include support for a number of standard features, like free private registration, free email forwarding to your Gmail inbox, free domain forwarding, support for up to 100 sub-domains, and support for the growing number of new domain endings (like .guru and .club) that are now emerging.

There had been speculation that Google would offer domains from its own registry (.google) for free. That, combined with free hosting, email, cloud storage, chat services and domain management, could see the company up-end the registrar market in a similar way to what it did with Gmail and the hosted email world. For its part, GoDaddy has been a target of ire for many in the tech community since GoDaddy officially voiced its support for the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) Bill in 2012. Although GoDaddy later recanted its position, thousands of domain owners switched registrars in protest.

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 463

I was not aware that I "threw out a jab at a favorite whipping boy of the left". Wow, you read a lot into my post that I didn't say. And I am the one being butthurt? Please. I am sorry your clear penchant for assumptions is so strong. It must be exhausting to be so sensitive. The OP used a spaceship analogy about sealing off bad sections and the discussion is about events in Texas, so I was trying to see if that is really what they were calling for because I think that is ridiculous. No political implications involved nor insults meant toward Texas, but feel free to keep reaching and accusing others of being the butthurt ones.

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