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Comment A Legal Trap? (Score 1) 845

What about the leverage this gives Apple from a legal perspective? If they ever wanted to prove that you knowingly and with willful forethought of process, opened and illegally modified or sabotaged this equipment, they can point to the fact that you had to obtain or create a specialized tool in order to access the unit. That you could not have "accidentally" accessed the device with commonly available equipment. Just saying...

Comment And in the sequel "Armagedon Again"... (Score 1) 118

In the sequel, the team travels back in time to pickup Bruce Willis (before he dies) and then goes back 2 billion years to alter the proto-moon's trajectory with an atomic sledge hammer so that the Earth's orbit gets changed just enough that it is no longer in the way of the next on-coming asteroid. However, the time machine is damaged and crashes on the Earth leaving Bruce and his lovely co-star to become the human race's Adam and Eve. And you are worried about technical accuracy????

Comment ICBM anyone? (Score 1) 127

Not to rain on the parade... So, what are the military applications for this missile, I mean rocket, design? Is there any information here we would not want some smaller, more radical, country to possess? Could the passenger space hold a big canister of some chemical or biological agent you would rather not meet up with? - Paranoid in Michigan

Comment Wait! What about Evolution? (Score 1) 87

Wait a second before we destroy the Sun! What if these CMEs and radiation caused the mutations which differentiated our species? We could be risking future evolutionary improvements by removing this source for modifying DNA. Of course, we could start a government sponsored project to randomly administer bursts of mutating radiation in the hopes of creating a better species.... Oh wait, never mind, we already have cellphones.

Comment Options for GPS and Mapping? (Score 1) 242

Would it be possible to add 3G and GPS capability to a Netbook so that you get a larger, more readable, display that has the advantages of Google mapping with real-time location information? Or maybe that's a Tablet question? Now, we just need a way to mount it on the car dashboard... (Add a phone app with Bluetooth and I won't need my phone...)

Comment Chronium exists!!! (Score 1) 213

Relativistic effects, eh? Perhaps super heavy elements are unstable within the Time/Space continuum. Maybe the Heisenberg uncertainty principle needs to be expanded to include not only a "Where" and "How Fast" but also a "When" factor? Chronium, anyone?

Comment Cheating is enabled by the engine (Score 2, Interesting) 336

Cheats such as Aimbots, Bunny-Hopping and Speed-hack are fairly obvious and easy to detect. The results of such cheats are visible within the game. Other cheats, such as Wall-hacks and Radar-hacks, are more difficult to discern and can only be detected by observing player actions over time. Such cheats, however, are enabled by the game engine itself. The engine provides the data of what is behind the wall, or what are all the player positions to each client. In normal mode, the game does not present this information to the player. The cheats utilize the available data and presents it to the player providing them an unfair advantage. If the engine did not provide this information to the end-client PC, these cheats would not be able to work. The engine needs to be designed so that this "extra" information is not made available to the end-player.

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