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Comment Its deja vu all over again (Score 2) 102

In 1994 the NSA proposed a "Clipper Chip" which would "escrow" encryption keys for their inspection.

When Phrack republished the NSA Employee Security Manual to demonstrate how porous NSA was for its own security, it backed off.

This is just the same old crap with Edward Snowden or the OPM caper as a counter-example, rather than Phrack.

Comment Farther-reaching implications (Score 1) 179

It's not just the loss of mining income for a a handful of miners.

It also calls into question the reliability, stability, and maturity of Bitcoin as a fully digital payment & store of value system.

And this is where it gets to the hard part, the interface beween Bitcoin mathematics theory and the actual real world.

Just like in a high-end stereo system, you have to put most of your money in the transducers.

Comment Bug bounties in general (Score 0, Flamebait) 33

I know Knuth traditionally offers bounties on errors found in Art of Computer Programming and that recently I've heard of several high-profile companies such as Google and Microsoft offer them, but it seems to me that to enter the same game as the cybercriminals and extortionists is one that cannot be won. And it is not only the money: ronin bug finders are not going to be systematic or even able to pore over code and finding errant implementations as the original architects, project leaders and coders. And even the best black box testing has some logic routes way over-tested, while other code is not touched at all. Probably the overall effectiveness goes as the logarithm of the crowd source. Offering bounties is an admission that the coding & testing design is deficient.

Comment Re: outrageous (Score 1) 363

Even though he wasn't federally charged with soliciting murder, he was in Maryland which proceeding is pending. Further, the federal judge found by a "preponderance of evidence" (not "beyond a reasonable doubt") that Ross did in fact order what he believed were hits upon both extortionists and in one case family. With this finding she could use that fact for purposing of sentencing where there is a range of possibilities for her discretion.

Believe it or not, given the facts proven at trial and the probable cause for additional facts such as solicitation of murder, he is lucky not to get the death penalty.

Comment Re:A small 20m code xmitter (Score 1) 133

Better than my suggestion is to imagine how your might play with the magic of directly harnessing EMF to communicate, then to use search terms such as ARRL QRP CW 50mw backpacker rig transmitter transceiver amateur and so on to find something that is right for you. I built a matchbox-sized cw transmitter that can use from 5 to 20 volts supply using about $20 worth of parts to produce filtered cw at about 50mw at a crystal controlled 14030 MHz into whatever antenna that you can match to the output. I bought the tiny circuit board mail order and populated with a handful of discrete parts bought from a local Radio Shack (R.I.P.). Took about two hours. The code "key" is two pieces of twisted bell wire that can develop good speed with, surprisingly. You have to use this rig with a separate SW receiver. Any reasonable quality one will do, such as one in the Sony ICF family. A "CW" setting is not required.

Many kits are transceivers, so no additional receiving equipment required.

Depending on the match of your antenna and the ionosphere, you can get QSLs from hundreds of miles away. It still gives me the shivers to do this miles away from civilization under a dark summer night in the mountains. Such a tenuous connect, such an achievement harnessing one of the basic forces of nature to exchange thoughts at a distance.

A Lithium-Ion power density and weight makes it an obvious choice for powering your xmitter.

Neal Stephenson's scenario in his new book Seveneves of cw contacts to the ISS is completely possible.

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