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Comment Re:Further soiling Apple's name (Score 1) 114

A. No it isn't. By using the phrase "ethnic cleansing" you are trying to create an emotional response so that the reader/listener creates a comparison between Israel and the likes of Congo, Kosovo and Darfur. This isn't the case. B. The heavy military presence in the west bank is a product of the 2000 Intifada. The Jewish settlements have been in place long before that. The reason there is a 'closed military zone' is that its the only thing keeping the order there. While settling has been frozen, and some settlements have also been evacuated, terror hasn't declined. It is today's absurd situation, that a person needs to form an opinion prior to consuming news from the media, so that the person can choose in which opinion flavor he would like his news to be in. I think that before making yourself an advocate of an agenda, you should get some first hand views of the subject. If you are that passionate about hating Israel, I invite you to come and see it for yourself.

Comment Re:Further soiling Apple's name (Score 2, Insightful) 114

You swing around the phrase "ethnic cleansing" as a political slogan while ignoring its content. I can accept 'occupation' as a description, but there is a significant lack of cleansing involved. Israel receives disproportional bad press, whilst so many terrible bad things go on on a daily basis in the world with literally no coverage at all. And again, you saying Israel is just racist is the most racist thing of all. The fact that an Israeli newspaper has the sort of article you link to proves that. Things aren't black and white, there is much beneath the surface, too much to over simplify.

Comment Re:Further soiling Apple's name (Score 4, Informative) 114

Dear Mr. Coward, Where do you get this information? As an Israeli, who has served in the army, who votes in democratic elections and is able to criticize his government freely, who shares his cubicle at work with an Israeli Arab, who also enjoys civil rights and liberties and votes for his representatives, and as a Jew who carries the stain of history on his family's story, please tell me where is this ethnic cleansing you speak of? There is nothing I would rather wish for than the end of the occupation of the west bank, especially as a reserve soldier, but if it was so simple it would have been over a long time ago. There is no such thing as an evil nation, that's just racist. We are people. When I get called for duty, I spend most my time riding in a jeep in which the commander is a lawyer, the driver is a youth council, the medic is a magician, and I'm an electronic engineer. This isn't an ego bunch, and know for a fact that there isn't an army in the world that shows as much restraint as we do. And back to the topic, from a tech company perspective, its smart to set up a development center in Israel. It worked for Intel, IBM, TI, Google, Microsoft, HP and the list goes on.

Submission + - New tech graduate school on Roosevelt Island to be (

WorldPiece writes: Cornell and the Technion — Israel Institute of Technology, are the winners of a bid to build a new campus for graduate research and education on Roosevelt Island in NYC.
According to mayor Bloomberg and the presidents of the two universities, "They estimated that building the campus would create 20,000 construction jobs, and that it would spin off 600 new businesses over the next generation, creating 30,000 more jobs and as much as $1.4 billion in tax revenue. The city is providing the land and up to $100 million in infrastructure improvements.", as posted in the New York Times (link:

p.s happy holidays!


Submission + - Apple Hates Your Drawl, Y'all (

Velcroman1 writes: Siri makes the new Apple iPhone 4S incredibly easy to use as long as you're not from England. Or Scotland. Or Tennessee. Or Mexico. When the new smartphone launched in October, numerous reports indicated that its built-in voice-recognition app Siri — one of the biggest reasons for buying the newest Apple gadget — struggled with accents and regional dialects. And despite two months of additional development and updates, Apple has yet to resolve the iPhone's issues with accented Americans."It just didn't understand," Joanna Randell, a content manager for a branding firm and a native of Nottingham, England, complained.

Submission + - Google R&D working on Augmented Reality Glasse (

An anonymous reader writes: Google is hard at work trying to fulfill a dream of mine: augmented reality glasses. That’s right, when Google said they were working on wearable devices they didn’t mean watches.

Google’s secret R&D think tank has been hard at work on thick-rimmed glasses with augmented reality capabilities powered by Google services. Imagine Google Goggles integration, where looking at a piece of art lets you pull up info on its creator. Or you glance at a CD cover and get a band biography floating in the air to the right, with price checks to the left. Or you tagged someone in Google+ but you don’t remember their name, but don’t worry, because its now floating above their head...


Submission + - Stunning time lapse of the Earth from the ISS (

The Bad Astronomer writes: "Science educator James Drake took 600 still photos from the International Space Station as it orbited the Earth, and created a fantastic time-lapse animation out of them. It must be seen to be appreciated; storms and cities fly past below in amazing clarity. I found this via Universe Today and added some commentary on my blog as well."

Submission + - Linux update that looks like a redacted CIA doc (

StealthHunter writes: When did updates start looking like recently unclassified and fully redacted documents? This recent update to the Fedora distribution leaves quite a bit to the imagination to the reader. Security folks may advise "apply security patches in a timely manner" while others may go a step further and say "read about what the patch does and consider the impact to the system before applying it." What is somebody supposed to do with this patch? Fav part: (See also _______)

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