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Comment The morbid and odd aspect... (Score 1) 93

Just think, future generations will have a nice high-res recording of your dying moments! Ever wondered exactly what your great great grandparent saw and heard as they died? These glasses, should they catch on, will also produce a whole new wave of sex and practical joke creepiness...

Comment From the perspective of a psychology graduate stud (Score 1) 425

From the perspective of a psychology graduate student at a large university: 1) Get used to taking notes on a laptop via typing. 2) Use Preview to annotate lecture outlines; this works wonderfully (you can draw arrows, circle things, type notes, underline, highlight, etc) 3) For course involving mathematics, print available lecture slides or outlines, and then take notes with a pen and paper (i.e. right on the slides themselves). Trying to find some way to use a tablet seems to just make things more complicated. A laptop is not too much more bulky, and has much more functionality and utility. True, you cannot hold it like a book and read from it on the bus. But, does one really want to read a 3-column academic journal article on a tablet or e-reader? I sure don't; I have tried and hate it. Do your serious studying and reading on the laptop, and add annotations and notes right to the pdf files of the journal articles.

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