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Comment Re:Israel abuses human rights (Score 1) 278

Aaaaaand instantly the thread spirals into irrelevant bickering about the relative merits of Israel and Palestine.

Thank you for dooming this potentially interesting discussion on the responsibilities of social media.

Next time, please make an effort to control your knee-jerk response to the word 'Israel'.

Comment Re:Radicalized through Islam (Score 1) 404

I think we agree on all important points.

I agree that it's not completely impossible for there to be a violent radical Jain, but as you say, some religions are more prone to violence than others.

For the genuinely peaceable religions, you have to do a lot of mental gymnastics to twist the religion into supporting violence. With Islam, it's the polar opposite: hard work has to be done to reach a civilized interpretation of the text. It's certainly a good thing that people like Maajid Nawaz are doing that sort of work, but it's saddening that it has to be done in the first place.

Comment Re:Radicalized through Islam (Score 1) 404

But that's not really what 'radicalism' means in this context, where it's a synonym for violent fundamentalism.

The fact that the Islamic religion is so violent in its texts and teachings (and please don't pretend this isn't the case) certainly is a factor in Islamic terrorism and its prevalence. If the Koran simply didn't have those awful verses, the world would be a materially better place.

I don't think it really makes sense to reason about 'radicalism' as in 'seeking rapid change'. That's not really the issue here.

My point, again, is simply that specific beliefs matter.

Relevant reading.

Comment Re:Radicalized through Islam (Score 1) 404

That's like claiming Ireland is more prone to producing terrorists because of the IRA and Protestant militias. It's a logical fallacy.

So you're saying that it's categorically impossible, even in theory, for a religion to inspire violence?

This is absurd. Specific beliefs matter.

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