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Comment Re:Hmm, marketing dept confusion on the value add? (Score 1) 79

It's not the ads I mind- it's the fact they're data-mining my e-mail in the first place.

Agree. If I were going to pay for email, I'd want strong assurances.

Corporations now have such a hard-on for data-mining, they'll likely do it even if it doesn't actually generate revenue.

Comment Re:The reason I hate WordPress is PHP. (Score 1) 119

That's stupid.

Look at the way Java/C# make it impossible to dereference null or exceed array bounds. You can say C programmers are just being clumsy, but look at the consequences: buffer-overrun issues are still a continuing problem... in C programs. Not in Java. Your blame game gets us nowhere. Engineering solutions do.

You really have to give Java/C# some credit: their design categorically eliminates those categories of bugs.

(And yes, they pay a performance cost for this.)

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