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Comment Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa (Score 1) 1020

I apologise for being so closed-minded that I actually think that historical truth exists.
I apologise for being so closed-minded that I actually think that historical claims are investigable.
I apologise for thinking that therefore any religious believer whose belief is based on an historical claim has little to fear from research into neurological phenomena.

I apologise for having looked at evidence and having drawn a conclusion.
I apologise for drawing a conclusion which differs from yours.
I apologise for wanting a rational discussion.

I apologise for not having freaky mystical experiences to rely on.
I apologise for maintaining strong religious convictions in spite of that clear deficit.
I apologise for thinking that that does no discredit to my commitment to truth.

In short, I apologise that I'm not another Slashdot clone, and for mistaking this thread for an intelligent discussion as to whether religious believers need to be concerned about this research. In future, I shall endeavour only to post comments which are unchallenging of hidden assumptions and uncritical of philosophical materialism.


Submission + - Microsoft announces table-top computer

Wooster_UK writes: Microsoft have announced that they have invented a table-top computer, which they're calling (with all the originality they could muster) Surface. The big deal is that this table-top computer is inside, rather than atop, the table, with the screen forming the table's surface. It features touch-sensitivity with multi-touch capacity, and interaction with devices like mobile phones placed in contact with it. According to the BBC, corporate clients will be the first purchasers, with obvious applications in places like casinos, phone shops and coffee houses. The online demonstration site is here.

Submission + - D-Wave unveils 16-qubit quantum computer

Coucho writes: "An article on The Register gives the scoop on D-Wave System's latest quantum computer with the processing power of 16 quantum bits (or qubits). D-Wave's CTO Geordie Rose stated that "Even millions of qubits today today would consume less power than off-the-shelf processors," but then added "The cooling systems used for past computers are far harder to build and more complicated". Is this a farce? Or is this straight out of science-fiction? You decide. Article: tum/"

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