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Comment Re:Experience of a "small" ISP (Score 1) 141


Our internal administrative links page has eight section divs in two columns holding 60 links to a diverse range of destinations such as telephony servers, KVM's, powerboards, dozens of custom-written internal tools, server admin, KB's etc.

It has grown naturally as we add capabilities & systems over time.

btw if the above comment seems useful please upvote. seems like a downvote got me stuck in bad karma land for years :/

Comment Experience of a "small" ISP (Score 1) 141

I work at a small ISP. We're a decade past your point, but our wired-building model means we're still sitting on less than 5000 customers. We run Ispconfig and use the commercial support while upgrading, that hosting server paid for itself many times over and continues to be great value to us. For network monitoring we started with mrtg on a solaris box, manually configured *shudder*. Since moving to JFFNMS we've been very happy with the network-monitoring side of things. I think you'd do well to follow other suggestions here looking for a suitable billing-system solution. Try not to focus on getting all these things in one, just make a internal webpage with links to all the respective systems.

Comment Re:Lab on a disc technology (Score 0) 33

> The new thing here is making such devices as one-offs for researchers, rather than in quantity.

This seems accurate, but I'd go a bit further: by having on-the-fly generation from digital source, labware design can respond to on-the-spot needs in ways that generic or prefab labware can not.

By having the digital source generated by a clever program (rather than just drawn up in CAD or what-have-you), new possibilities would emerge. Someone could fire up their reaction vessel program and print a vessel optimised for certain characteristics which are unique to the experiment they want to run at that time.

Comment IMO it shouldnt be hard to re-parse the data (Score 1) 134

If you're talking, like most of the commenters above, about retrieving the data from the server through tm.exe, then this does become an exercise in scraping. wget has builtin recursive-fetching capabilities and if you can access a complete index that would be a logical starting point. With my background, if at all possible I would bypass the exe and just look at importing the raw data into a relational database like mysql. I'd read the data file(s) looking for textual content in a linked structure, and the rest is just research and a bit of perl work (or php etc, if you prefer). Once you figure out which table structure would contain the data, and you come up with a conversion which will put the data into an importable format, the job's almost done and you just need to bring in or write a CMS to access it. I have source code which would go towards some individual bits of a project like this, contact me if you like. Good luck...

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