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Comment Difference between HAVING and GETTING (Score 1) 644

There is a fundamental difference between someone who has a lot of money, and someone who is making a lot of money. Someone with $10B in assets is a billionaire, and fits this "1% club", but they may only be in the upper 20% in annual TAXABLE INCOME.

And yet they're perfectly willing to tell the state to tax people whose incomes are higher than theirs. Heck, it protects them from people getting into that top 1% assets club too fast..

Comment Not the source code, but how to generate a key (Score 4, Informative) 193

Decoding both DVD and BD are "known things". AnyDVD was not the only product doing it.

Two important parts to doing BD, though - One is having a valid key to get past the AACS, and being able to replace it when a version of AACS comes out that revokes your current key. If your key has been added to the revoked list, simply putting a disk in the drive with that version of the list essentially "bricks" the drive for reading ANY Bluray disks until you change your key.

The second is being able to implement the BD+ interpreter to fix up deliberate errors introduced into the video... And it changes periodically.

Where the companies that sell such products get their "market lock-in" is keeping up these changes. AACS is easier than BD+, from what I read, because you don't always have to change your key when a new AACS revocation list comes out, but the BD+ programming can and does change multiple times per month.

Comment Proof of why this is a bad idea (Score 3, Insightful) 490

"Protip: it's generally a good idea to read all of something before commenting on or replying to it, even if your finger gets tired."

The vote would be based upon the latest headline flashed at the most people. However the latest twitter celeb of the hour felt, would become the law.

And, of course, being able to "change your vote" means that, somewhere, the way that you voted is recorded... so that you can be tracked down if you voted "the wrong way".

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