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Comment SSD + Fast CPU (Score 4, Interesting) 168

This is the reason we upgraded ALL our workstations (about 200-250 workstations between two sites) to SSD's about two years back. We calculated the time it takes for a system to boot, assuming once a day, time lost while they get coffee / etc waiting for it to boot, and time during the day spent waiting for things to load. The ROI for us on these purchases was less than a year with time lost taken into account. Let alone moral/frustration issues.

We also have done away with ordering bare minimal system. Everything we order has the latest generation i5 Quad Core or better (i7 Quad Cores or Xeons) for users that do CAD work. Back in 2009-2011 during the downturn, that his us hard, we had to buy a lot of lower end systems to replace dead hardware, and we felt the effects of it for years with users being frustrated.

Comment Bitcoin? Ether? (Score 2) 141

Sounds like all the more reason to switch over to payment in either Bitcoin or Either. Bitcoin first, however Either is generalized as more business friendly, with contracts and such being allowed. Dell, NewEgg, Overstock, and several other online vendors use it as a zero-cost alternative already for digital transactions. No PayPal fees, no credit card processing fees. Digital cash. Also works great for sending people money.

Comment Re:Former AMD User (Score 1) 157

This. I just switched to Plain Text. Thats for the help! I read articles a lot via RSS but hardly comment or visit the site directly anymore.

Ah I remember those Pentium 4 Mobile's as well. I worked on a few of those at my old job, cleaning up dried out thermal paste and gunked up giant fans that were in those laptops.

The K8's also weren't bad. I almost switched then but kept a Socket 478 1.6ghz P4 for a while. Wish I went K8 then though, would have had DDR memory instead of more expensive PC133 at the time.

Comment Re:Intel does not "make it easy" (Score 1) 157

Well you don't need to know the generation name, it's the first number of the model number. I never refer to them as Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, etc.. just "2nd gen" "3rd gen" etc. And it's pretty easy, U is low power, K is unlocked multiplier, then m3, m5 and m7 are the new lower power variants for the 7th gen CPU's instead of using the U designation. And like you said if you need more info, a quick Google away with Ark. AMD has nothing like it. i have to look up reviews to see that their current high end CPU's are like 3-4 years old.

Comment Re: Former AMD User (Score 1) 157

Driver's weren't the issue. Both had had their fair share of driver issues (nVidia drivers supporting new games in SLI were THE WORST, it took 1.5+ months to play the latest Battlefield and COD titles in SLI, let alone with any stability). These were just flat out dead GPU's with no overclocking. I found the manufacturers for most nVidia chipset cards do not clock fan speeds properly and the GPU's would get excessively hot. Running a game for an hour would overheat them and I'd get artifacts and game crashes until they cooled up. I used MSI's AfterBurner software to ramp up the GPU Temp / Fan Speed curve so it would ramp up the fan speed MUCH sooner and got stability. I would only activate the profiles when gaming though due to excessive sound from the fans. My guess is running them with stock fan speeds most of the time caused GPU failure or perhaps heated up the solder and the GPU or even VRAM became dislodged as a reflow with a heat gun fixed one for a bit.

Comment Former AMD User (Score 0) 157

I was a BIG AMD fan back in the Athlon 64 Days. I had a Athlon 64 X2 3400+ 939, later upgrading to a AMD FX-60 CPU in the same socket. Those were the brief days where AMD performance beat out Intels on multi-core systems. However once the i7 series came out, Intel was back on top again. I had i7 920, now a i7 4700K and will be getting i7 7700K once they released. Yes the Intel CPU's are more, but cost per performance is well worth it especially considering I upgrade every 3-4 years. As far as AMD goes, I had a ATI/AMD Rage 128, Radeon 7000, Radeon-All-In-Wonder 8500DV, then switched to nVidia with a 7900GT, that failed on me, then a 8800GTS, that failed one me, then GTX 275, that failed one me and stupid me got dual GTX 570's in SLI. SLI never works right especially with new releases. Coupled with my fail rate of nVidia chipset cards, I went with a AMD R9 290 which was reasonable price for a video card with top performance. Still have it and still play most games I have on high settings no problem. No plans to uprgade, but when I do for Desktop systems I will be keeping with good luck AMD. For laptops, I've gone nVidia just because they have better graphics switching than AMD currently between integrated and dedicated. They have my business with video cards, but CPU's they have a long way to go to get me to consider them performance wise. I can't even tell what their newest CPU's are. Intel makes it easy, i3 Basic, i5 mid range i7 high end. and models are easy where in WXYZ, W= generation, XYZ high numbers are faster within the generation. AMD with Their FM2 and AM3+ cores I cant tell whats low end and whats high end easy enough.

Comment Sad (Score 5, Insightful) 193

I backed the original Pebble, then later the Pebble Time Steel. I had backed the Pebble Time 2, and I am HIGHLY disappointed with both Pebble and Fitbit for not honoring those pledges. Even with degraded support or updates, I would have loved to have what I paid for. And shame on Fitbit for not honoring support or warranty for the company they are buying. The worst of it is there are users with BRAND NEW Pebble 2 devices, only days old, that now have no warranty and no support period. What's even worse is that there are no other comparable smart watches. I'm one of the few that love smart watches, despite the current trend and downfall of many of them, as I've owned them going back to Calculator Watches, then Fossil Abacus PalmOS 4.x watch, and many others. I tried a Android Wear watch but grew dissatisfied with it as the battery on both those and Apple watches in most cases do not even last a full day and are now *always on* display like ePaper watches are. I tried a Fitbit way back, as a health monitoring before they added step counters into Pebble. I hated it, and got it returned after the device stopped working a month or two later. This only solidifies my opinion of "Never again Fitbit"

Comment Local Content Only For Now (Score 5, Interesting) 173

I've been a avid Plex user for almost 2 years now. A bit over a year ago I bought a storage array NAS just for dedicated Plex storage, and built a i5 media center system that acts as Plex server and a few other things so I don't have to leave a power hungry gaming desktop on all the time. Previous to that I only kept some content on disk, and backed up media to CD's, then DVD, then Bluray. Combined, I have somewhere north of 2.5TB of content. Charter in my area offers only 60mbit/4mbit service, with 150mbit/5mbit service as a $50 upgrade. That's over 150hours to upload A week straight. Then content, when I add it, has to be uploaded. It makes no sense to download content, only to upload it, to stream/download it again. With GoPro 4K 60dps footage I have taking up SEVERAL gigs, it's just way too much to upload to Amazon, let alone upload the small trimmed down clips I want to YouTube sometimes. Maybe in the future, if ISP's in my area decide to offer actual upload speeds. As it stands if I download at 60mbit, 50-75% of my upload bandwidth is spent in just TCP acknowledgements and overhead. And symmetrical business speed is offered via Fiber only here at costs of $500+/mo.

Comment Re:Roku + Plex Media Server (Score 1) 226

Here here. $30 Roku, plus a PC you already have on 24x7 + Plex. I have mine running on a PC i made for my media center. It has Plex Server, Plex Client, and a few things like game emulators on it I use. I storage all my media on a WD DL4100 NAS array. Depending on your media size you can do simular NAS array setup or do local storage. They have Plex for just about every device now. It plays nice and fast local, and will stream and convert to lower bitrate and resolution over WAN.

Comment Re:Former Owner (Score 2) 116

I have my old phone/tablet in a Hale Dreamer dock. It provides a easy to press "Shut the hell up I'm awake I'm awake" button as well as volume and brightness dials. Likewise.. its an old Galaxy Tab 2 7". If it died, it wouldn't be the worst thing. I forgot in between I actually ran an Archos Home Connect 35. It ran Android 2.2.1. Had a decent speaker. Alas the small battery (so your alarm would still go off if you lost power) decided to expand and bloat and break the plastic housing. Threw it off soon after I took it apart and realized the battery was about to pop.

Comment Former Owner (Score 4, Informative) 116

I had one of these back in 2010-2011 or so. First device I actually ran Netflix on. Chumby was a brand of "Smart" internet ready smart alarm clocks. They had basic functions, and 3rd party apps you could install such as Netflix, or different clock faces, etc. Very long end devices. Sony used the Chumby OS and made their own branded versions of these clocks, Sony Dash. I ditched mine back in 2013-2014 or so once I saw a post somewhere showing Sony was discontinueing the platform. I knew it was a matter of time until they killed the services and I was not risking this. Instead I set up a old Android tablet to use as a alarm clock. Works well.

Comment Expandable Storage (Score 2) 106

Unfortunately it's relitively hard to open up the XBox One to replace the drive. Some have done so, and managed to clone the drive to a larger drive and gotten it to work. I took the easy route, as I have maybe 8 games and my 500gb drive was full. I got a Collective Minds Media Hub (Also on Amazon). It snaps on to the end of the XBox One, making it appear as if it's part of the console, and gives you three front USB 3.0 ports for wired Controllers, Charging, whatever. The top feature, it contains a 2.5" Enclosure. I threw a 2TB 2.5" drive in there. I have it formatted to use as a system drive for games. I keep all my games on it, for archive, and keep the games I play at the time on my internal drive. A cheaper USB 3.0 external drive will work fine. Point being though, the article is correct, that 500gb for launch with games being REQUIRED to be installed to the drive is not enough, when 8 games, and reserved OS space, can fill it up.

Comment Storage: NAS (Score 2) 174

For storage, I have a 4 bay WD NAS, DL4100. Populated with 4x4TB drives in RAID5. Store all my photos and video on there. I have a 8TB USB Seagate Archive v2 Drive attached to it that I plug in once in a while to back it up to. The RAID5 helps with hardware failure, but backing up to the USB drive guarantees if it somehow gets deleted I'm good. WD has "recycle bin" like feature, but I never trust it. The WD NAS has DLNA and Media Server capabilities to stream to many TV's that have it built in. Synology also has a few models that are comparable as well. Whatever model you get check storage transfer speeds and get something that can max out giabit, copying a 1080p video file can take a while if it's a long video at slow speeds.

Comment Re:Here's to hoping (Score 1) 253

I could, however they still only offer a max of 150mbit down and 7mbit upload, and the same ridiculous prices. Unless I go Fiber, which is not feasible for home at $1,000+/mo. There's word Comcast is taking over from Charter in my area. I can hope that they do, then I can be paying the same amount for 100mbit / 20mbit service. All i want is reasonable upload speeds, 4mbit takes me 35+ minutes to upload a 1gb GoPro Video to youtube. Via Comcast with 20mbit it would be done in less than 7 minutes. I can also stream 1080p via my Plex, or my HDHome Run Prime as well since 4mbit doesn't let me do either.

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