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Comment Re:Seafile (Score 1) 200

I've been using Seafile since April and I am very, very pleased with it. It is one of the few self hosted options that supports client side encryption and manages to scale up to a reasonably large number of files. It fell down on me in the 100k file range, but I was able to get around that issue by breaking my data up into smaller libraries.

The client side encryption was slightly problematic in the 1.x releases. Back then, you had to type your encryption passphrase into the server to create a new library. As of 2.0 you can create new libraries in the client without your passphrase leaving your local machine. You still can't dig through your file revision history without giving the server your passphrase; hopefully that functionality will be integrated into the client in the future.

I took a quick look at SparkleShare, ownCloud, and BitTorrent Sync, but none of them were a good fit for me. BitTorrent Sync only encrypts your data while it is in flight, ownCloud only supports server side encryption, and you can't properly store Git repos under SparkleShare.

Comment A friend of mine has a cheap Korean 27" monitor (Score 1) 375

It is a very bright, and I think it looks quite amazing. It is especially amazing at its sub-$350 price point. I'm pretty jealous of it, but my laptop lacks the dual link DVI port required for driving one of these displays. I would really like to upgrade from my pair of 1080p monitors to a pair of these! He wrote about his 27" 2560x1440 monitor on his blog.

Comment Re:Not Exactly for Taking a Photo (Score 5, Informative) 1232

In some states, an adult is legally required to provide ID to any cop who asks - it's actually illegal to walk down the street without a driver's license (or non-driver's ID). We seem to have little regard for the Constitution.

You would be incorrect.

Comment Re:I run Debian, and I run FreeBSD. (Score 1) 425

There is for example an unresolved bug in ubuntu 8.10 which has bit me severly. It relates to total failure of sleep/hibernate and all that wonderful functionality on pci-e boxes.

Are you saying that all my laptops with pci-e video chipsets should be failing to suspend? Suspend and hibernate have worked fine on all my laptops for many years with Ubuntu, 8.10 or otherwise.

And no I won't provide the link to the bug, find it yourself on launchpad [] (I believe that is the correct access point)

It might be worth looking for the bug if you are more specific about the problem since there certainly isn't a suspend problem with every pci-e equipped machine.

And while uptimes are great, I often need to shut my box down so as to avoid cooking the occupants of my small apartment because it gets so bloody hot in here (26-27+`Celcius) in the middle of a Canadian winter with the heating set at 22.

The only thing that I dislike after resuming from a suspend is waiting for the damned wifi to connect. Resume takes 2-3 seconds or less. Reconnecting sometimes seems to take forever, especially in busy apartment complexes with 20+ aps in range.

Comment Re:Capacity planning isn't that hard...for us (Score 3, Insightful) 124

Careful with that - some nuances will turn up that will bite you on the ass. I found out last year that Apache's MD5 module creates different hashes(!) on Windows than it does on UNIX.

If that is true then at least one of them isn't actually generating an MD5 hash.

I'm just guessing, but I bet you were also encoding the line ending characters. That would be encoded differently on Windows and UNIX, so you'd actually be hashing two strings that differed by at least one byte.

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